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10 Years

Entering the double digits doesn’t mean an end to toys. Quite the opposite, in fact! Ten-year-olds still love to play and these delightful toys and activities will have them learning fascinating facts, making awesome discoveries and having lots of fun along the way.


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Ages 8 and up

The most elegant board game you'll ever own! This absolutely stunning wood Scrabble Deluxe Classic Edition certainly lives up to its name; it offers the classic enjoyment of the original, with every luxury imaginable. The days of cardboard and sliding tiles are over!

Arrange your triple-word score masterpiece securely between the raised, gold-tone grid lines that match the many golden accents in this set. The gameboard sits atop a beautiful solid wood cabinet with a rich mahogany finish; and it even rotates, so there's no need to switch places between turns. Don't settle for less, enjoy the timeless elegance of the Scrabble Deluxe Classic Edition!

Deluxe features include:

  • Solid wood letter tiles with gold foil-stamping
  • Gold foil-stamped score book with pencil
  • Rotating gameboard with raised grid
  • Embroidered tile pouch
  • Timer with gold-tone endcaps
  • Solid wood storage cabinet beneath gameboard

For 2 - 4 players. English Version.

Measures approximately 15.75" long x 15.75" wide x 2.5" high.

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Ages 6 and up

Use identical unfixed Kapla pieces to build unique creations! This set includes 280 perfect Kapla blocks in a unique wood storage bin, constructed without any nails, screws or fasteners. And the Red Kapla Art Book Volume 1 is the lid to the bin!

A beautifully photographed book of Kapla building suggestions! This volume includes animals and buildings of moderate difficulty. The new techniques learned from the photographs and illustrations of this book will expand your capabilities and stimulate your imagination. This beautiful hardcover art book is worthy of your coffee table!

The rich red colour of the book accents the entire wooden package for a truly classic look that will enhance any toy room. This is a beautiful gift that will never be forgotten!

Kapla’s long and thin planks are based on the progressions of the uneven numbers 1:3:5. Three thicknesses for one width and five widths for one length. This ratio between bricks and stones and beams and planks now opens a whole new way of building! With these identical planks the builder can construct with the precision of artwork and the stability of stones. The use of identical unfixed pieces develops the child’s aptitude for organizing elements in a 3-dimensional space and allows them to discover and sharpen their manual ability in relation to objects. Kapla helps the child to understand the fundamental issues of geometry, physics and technology. It also introduces them to the world of art, and to the universe of shapes and volumes, while developing concentration and a feeling of balance.

Winner of the Dr.TOY Best Toy award in 2006!

Includes 280 Kapla blocks, wooden storage case, and Red Kapla Art Book Volume 1.

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Ages 4 and up

Be your own architect with this modular and modern concept dollhouse! It has three units that can be arranged in up to 10 different ways.

Includes 1 moveable staircase, 2 solar-cell roof panels that can also be a garden, 6 moveable walls, 2 glass fences, and 5 rooms (bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, and dining room).

House measures approximately 21.25” long x 14.5” tall x 15.5” wide (size depends on configuration of rooms).

Compatible with all 1:12 scale furniture and accessories.

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Ages 3 and up

Plan Toys Wooden Doll House, use your imagination to create your own design!

A large scale Plan Toy wooden doll house with a huge terrace and roof. Create your own designs as the walls, windows and door can easily be put into any space in this Plan Toys wooden doll house. Children can live out their imagination, role play, or become young, creative interior designers.

Plan Toy wooden doll house measures approximately 28" tall, 18" wide, and 22" long.

Includes: Plan Toy Wooden Doll House, Neo Bedroom set, and Neo Furniture set.

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Ages 4 and up

Vertigo is a dizzying, daring, lightning-fast Quadrilla marble run that includes three twisting funnels for a whirlwind ride.

Created with natural, renewable materials like bamboo and featuring water based paints, Hape Toys are a great choice for your child and the environment! Hape toys promote the development of fundamental skills like hand-eye coordination, colour and shape recognition, counting, and more! p>

Contains 134 pieces.

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Ages 2 and up

Create colourful structures with this beautiful set of Tegu Magnetic Wooden Building Blocks! Tinted in bright colours and featuring magnets, Tegu is ready to inspire creative designs and lots of fun for young builders! Complete with a set of 4 Tegu Magnetic Wooden Wheels, this 42 piece, large building set allows for the construction of structures as well as rolling vehicle creations!

Includes 42 pieces in 9 different shapes: 4 x large columns, 6 x mega planks, 6 x long planks, 4 x medium columns, 2 x small trapezoids, 4 x large trapezoids and 6 x short planks, 6 cubes, and 4 x magnetic wheels.

Each individual block measures approximately:

  • Short plank 2.36" tall x 1.18" long x 0.3" wide.
  • Long plank 4.72" tall x 1.18" long x 0.3" wide.
  • Mega plank 8.26" tall x 1.18" long x 0.3" wide.
  • Medium column 1.18" wide x 1.18" long x 3.54" tall.
  • Large column 1.18" wide x 1.18" long x 7.08" tall.
  • Small trapezoid is 1.18" wide x 1.18" long x 3.54" tall.
  • Large trapezoid 1.18" wide x 1.18" tall x 4.72" long.
  • Cube 1.18" wide x 1.18" tall x 1.18" long.
  • Wheel 1.5" in diameter.

Made of eco-friendly, FSC-certified Honduran hardwoods with safe, non-toxic, water-based lacquers (for colours and clear coats), Tegu Blocks come packaged in a beautifully designed box large and rigid enough to store the blocks for many years to come.

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Ages 4 and up

Hape Quadrilla Music Motion adds a fun new musical element to the marble run! Music Motion includes little xylophone keys built into different building pieces, so marble run builders can get even more creative with their constructions. Plus Quadrilla's Music Motion can be combined seamlessly with Quadrilla's other wooden marble run sets! (sold separately) Music Motion turns up the volume on classic Quadrilla marble runs by combining strategically-placed musical chimes with wooden rails and blocks.

Set includes 97 pieces.

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Ages 3 and up

Welcome to the stylish and modern KidKraft Supermodel Dollhouse! This trendy wooden dollhouse is complete with 10 pieces of wooden furniture so that your bedroom, living room, kitchen and even the bathroom is complete with everything your dolls need to enjoy fashionable living!

With bright colours, pretty patterns and wooden furniture pieces, this dollhouse is sure to make any young girl smile! It's made with a smart, open-concept design and features sturdy wooden construction, and includes a staircase that connects the second floor to the third and even a movable doll elevator!

Includes: dollhouse and furnishings pictured.

Dolls sold separately. Adult assembly required.

Measures approximately 36" long x 14" wide x 47.2" tall. (Assembled)

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8 Search Results
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