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10 Years

Entering the double digits doesn’t mean an end to toys. Quite the opposite, in fact! Ten-year-olds still love to play and these delightful toys and activities will have them learning fascinating facts, making awesome discoveries and having lots of fun along the way.


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Ages 8 and up

Introducing Life of George: the world’s first interactive game combining LEGO® bricks with your mobile device!

Follow George around the world as he challenges you to a series of fun building tasks. Build as fast as possible, capture your model with your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Android device and build the models as fast as you can. Place them on the play mat and use the free app to scan and score your model.

Go head-to-head against up to 3 of your friends or family in an exciting multi-player build-off as you compete for the highest score. Ready for the next level? Get the Life of George 'Build Your Brain' app and enter a quiz-show world of brain-bending puzzle challenges hosted by George! You can share and save all of the cool models you build! With an ever-expanding online collection of models to build, Life of George is the perfect gift for LEGO® builders of all ages!

There are two different games available to play: “Life of George” and “Build Your Brain”, two different free apps!

How to play:

  • Get Life of George!
  • Download the free Life of George and/or Build Your Brain app. (Available from the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android.)
  • Get a building challenge from George.
  • Build as fast as possible!
  • Capture your model with your mobile device camera.
  • Get scored on your building skills.

For use with your mobile device, internet connection is required to download the free apps. Visit the Life of George website to be sure that your device is supported.

Measures approximately 1.89" high x 5.91" wide x 7.24" long.

Incudes 144 LEGO® bricks, play mat and a George sticker.

LEGO® and the LEGO® logo are trademarks of the ©2012 LEGO® Group.

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