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2 Years

Whoever said the twos were terrible obviously didn’t have the right toys. Two-year-olds are a delight to play with. They love pretending. They love action. They love just about everything. Well, as long as you let them call the shots. [Which is what these toys will do just brilliantly.]


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Ages 2 and up

No princess costume is complete without headwear, and this Dark Pink Princess Hat from Great Pretenders is the perfect choice! It is complete with a trailing tricot tail and is finished with a crown emblem on the front and royal faux feather trim along the bottom.

Great Pretenders products by Creative Education are made with durable, premium-quality material and exceptional workmanship.

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Ages 0.5 and up

The more the merrier! Who doesn't love playing with lots and lots of colourful balls? This assortment of blue, green, pink and yellow hollow, plastic balls can be used for anything you'd like. They're great to use to top up your supplies for other K's Kids products such as the Pop Up Imagic Tent or the Playcentres. For games, add-ons, replacements, or just plain fun - however you use these, they'll make for hours of fun! Includes 50 assorted balls in a zippered storage bag with handles.

Each ball measures approximately 2.5" in diameter.

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November 26th, 2014

The unofficial start of the shopping season is upon us and it's time for some of the BIGGEST deals around! Of course I'm referring to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, two of the most popular shopping days of the year. Everyone loves taking home an amazing deal, and today I'd love to share some of my tips …


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