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4 Years

Your four-year-old is about to enter a whole new world of incredible toys. Tiny pretend-and-play sets, amazing construction sets, and all kinds of activities and craft kits will keep your little one entertained for hours. These toys are so much fun, you won’t be able to resist joining in!


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Our Price:   $109.99
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Ages 3 and up

Welcome to Smaland, Lundby's traditional doll's house! There is plenty of room for play and it is easy to extend the house with an additional floor or a garden (sold separately). The windows and balcony doors can be opened and all rooms are prepared for electricity!

Power supply, lights, furniture, accessories and dolls sold separately.

Includes Lundby Smaland Dollhouse.

Colours may vary.

Measures approximately 30.3" long x 10.2" wide x 15.4" tall.

Give your Lundby doll house a makeover with these great DIY design ideas! Click here to get started!

Box may be "shelf-worn" (not in perfect condition).

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Our Price:   $159.99
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Ages 3 and up

These colourful translucent tiles have magnets inside them that allow you to build whatever your imagination can think of! They're fun tested and kid approved and winners of multiple awards for educational excellence. Create cubes, pyramids and other geometric shapes as you creatively explore math and spatial relations. This is also a wonderful toy to help develop spatial, tactile, patterning and basic geometry skills. Some "how-to" examples are included on the packaging, once you've mastered these, just wait to see what your imagination builds up for you!

This 100 piece set includes 4 large squares, 11 right triangles, 20 equilateral triangles, 50 small squares and 15 isosceles triangles, all in bright, translucent colours.

Dr Toy 10 Best Educational Products Winner! Early Childhood News Directors Choice Recognition Award, Parents Choice Gold Award, 1998 Toy of the Year from Parenting Magazine!

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Our Price:   $199.99
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Ages 3 and up

There is always time for chocolate ice cream or strawberry or vanilla….so many choices to choose from at our new favorite hangout spot. The Our Generation ice cream truck feels so authentic! Press a button to hear the classic jingle, turn the steering wheel to engage the turning signals, and make sure your headlights are on to drive safely through the neighbourhood at dusk.


  • Cup dispenser that holds up to 3 cups
  • Rolling wheels
  • Pull-down roof to create dining area for dolls
  • Sliding service window
  • Working signal lights
  • Working windshield wipers
  • Working headlights
  • 3 songs at the press of a button
  • Shelf and counter space to prepare treats
  • Deep fryer with basket
  • 128 pieces

Includes 1 ice-cream truck, 4 trays, 2 fridge racks, 1 deep fryer with basket, 2 stools, 4 chalk sticks, 1 bell, 1 napkin holder, 6 paper bills, 3 coins, 2 ice-cream holders, 1 popsicle holder, 3 containers, 3 cups, 3 donut trays, 4 serving spoons, 1 ice-cream scooper, 1 jar with 6 straws, 1 set of prongs, 3 syrup bottles, 2 shakers, 8 ice-cream cones, 3 slushies, 6 sundaes, 2 cyclones, 2 cookie sandwiches, 3 pretzels, 6 ice-cream trays, 28 popsicles, 9 donuts, 1 ice-cream and waffle cone, 1 soft ice-cream in a cup, 3 soft ice-cream cones, 2 ice-cubes, 2 milkshakes with whipped cream, 4 ice-cream cones with paper cups, and 1 large sundae.

Measures approximately 25" long x 12" wide x 20" tall.

Dolls sold separately.

Destined to become your child's newest best friend, the Our Generation collection features 18" dolls and stylish, seasonal fashions and accessories that they will love - all at an incredible value.

Batteries not included.

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Our Price:   $129.99
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Ages 3 and up

This complete Our Generation Gourmet Kitchen set is a dream come true! There is always something fun to make in the kitchen! Use your best recipes from the pros, like mom and grandma, and gather all of your favourite ingredients to prepare something delicious with this full kitchen set.

Includes 2 bowls, bread pan, butter box, 3 canisters and lid, cereal box, cheese, baking sheet, muffin pan, 2 muffins, 2 cupcakes, egg box, 2 glasses, hamburger box, 6 hot chocolate bags, ice cream box, juice carton, set of measuring cups, set of measuring spoons, milk box, 6 mixers, mixing spoon, mug, orange, pastry flour bag, pepper, phone, pitcher, 2 plants, 2 plates, popsicle box, pot, round spray bottle, spatula, sponge, sandwich, 3 shakers, spray bottle, tin cans and 1 tomato.

Doll sold separately.

A complete collection of Canadian-designed dolls, Our Generation features trendy fashions and amazing accessories that are updated season to season, plus Salon Chairs, a Kitchen, Horses and a Barn, even a Scooter and 18” dolls set to become your child’s newest best friend. Our Generation is a collection that features amazing value and thoughtful, quality construction that shares similar size to and is compatible with the American Girl line.

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Our Price:   $149.99
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Ages 4 and up

This Hansa Male Lion plush toy is a gorgeous lion to own. He looks so life-like, it is unbelievable. The lion is yellow with a big furry paws and a wild mane! He even has a long tail with a black fur at the end. You can have hours of fun with this plush animal!

Hansa, superb quality soft plush animal toys from around the world are so soft, you just can't stop stroking them.There is something for everyone in this exciting plush soft toy collection. Meticulously manufactured from the finest soft plush materials, craftsmen have faithfully reproduced the key features of each animal to give an extremely lifelike and realistic appearance to each Hansa plush toy.

Measures approximately 26" long.

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85 Search Results
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