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  • Theme: Rescue
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5 Years

Their independence is blossoming and five-year-olds love exploring all kinds of amazing things. From building incredible structures to creating artistic masterpieces and everything in between, these toys will entertain and educate all at the same time!


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Ages 4 and up

Stop the museum thief before he steals precious artifacts! The Playmobil Police Advent Calendar contains 24 surprise items for each day of the Advent. Once all the pieces are revealed, put on the police badge and set up the alarm system to warn when a thief is present! Celebrate with this awesome Playmobil Police Advent Calendar - it's healthier than chocolate and lasts longer, too!

Includes backdrop, 2 figures, police squad car, bicycle, mummy, pharaohs bust, treasure chest, snake, and other accessories to create a daring police raid.

Requires 2 AAA batteries (INCLUDED).

Figures measure approximately 2.95” tall.

Please note, the primary language on the Playmobil Advent Calendar packaging is either French (Calendrier de l’Avent) or German (Adventskalendar), with English as the secondary language. The packaging does not affect the included contents.

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