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Babies grow up right before your eyes. And they figure out pretty fast which toys are exciting and which ones they want to drop on the floor over and over and over. With one of these fun toys in hand, baby will never let go!


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Make gift giving easy and fun with a $100 Mastermind Toys gift card! Kids can use it like their own credit card!

Need a different amount? Just add cards to your cart that total to the amount you want and we'll combine them into 1 card.

We know that with thousands of wonderful gifts to choose from, selecting just the right one can be challenging at times, so why not make the selection process just as much fun as receiving the gift? Give your friend or relative a gift card and let them have a ball shopping on our site!

Make your purchase here and we'll ship a Mastermind Toys gift card to your friend or relative. They will then have the ability to redeem the card on our website or at one of our physical store locations in Canada (See Store Locations section).

Conditions of Sale: Cards should be treated like cash, however they are non-refundable and may not be redeemed for cash. Mastermind can not be held responsible for lost or stolen cards however, lost or stolen cards if reported immediately can be de-activated and mastermind will endeavor to assist in recovery of funds. Responsibility for management of the card and use of the funds is solely that of the card holder.

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August 31, 2015

Gearing up for school and finding just the right backpack and all the coolest stuff to fill your pencil case, makes this such a fun time of year! Let's get ready for a whole school year’s worth of possibilities. Check out our favourite finds to help bring FUN back to school! …


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