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We love eight-year-olds! They’re just the right age for all kinds of fun. They still love the pretend play they’ve been enjoying for years, yet they’re also ready to move ahead into more advanced toys and learning. All of these toys and activities will appeal to their natural sense of fun and wonder.


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Ages 6 and up

By Sharon Jennings, Sean Jeffrey, Alice Sinkner, Shelley Southern, Sasha McIntyre, Celeste Gagnon, Violeta Nikolic, Jelena Sisic, and John Lei

This popular collection starring the lovable turtle Franklin includes six first readers:
Franklin and the Scooter
Franklin and the Contest
Franklin and the Bubble Gum
Franklin and the Stopwatch
Franklin and the Magic Show
Franklin and the Cookies

In each story, Franklin faces a unique problem common to the everyday lives and experiences of young children. Whether it's an overwhelming desire to get a scooter of his own, a dilemma over what to do when he inadvertently "steals" all the bubble gum from a machine or the conflicting desire to eat all of his cookies while also wanting to share them with others, Franklin faces up to each situation with honesty, a generous spirit and a lot of ingenuity. With his good friends Bear, Fox, Beaver and Rabbit nearby to lend a hand, Franklin always manages to find a terrific and age-appropriate happy ending to his dilemma, teaching children that no problem is ever too big to resolve.

Crafted for early readers, the stories all contain short sentences, and every page has clear, easy-to-follow illustrations, which provide contextual clues to any words children may stumble over. Each story begins with the same two sentences — "Franklin can tie his shoes. Franklin can count by twos." — helping to build reading confidence through repetition. The familiar characters in these stories are widely appealing, making this a comfortable choice for new readers.

Hardcover containing 184 pages.

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Ages 4 and up

Poor Franklin, he cracked his shell playing soccer, and now he has to have an operation to make sure it grows properly. Everyone keeps telling him how brave he is, but inside Franklin's really very scared. Soon it's the day of his operation, what is he going to do?

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2 Search Results
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