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8 Years

We love eight-year-olds! They’re just the right age for all kinds of fun. They still love the pretend play they’ve been enjoying for years, yet they’re also ready to move ahead into more advanced toys and learning. All of these toys and activities will appeal to their natural sense of fun and wonder.


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Ages 4 and up

Give your favourite Les Cheries doll a funky new look with this unique outfit! It comes with a flowered tunic, denim shorts, and a furry faux lambswool vest for added flair! This doll outfit will fit any one of your Les Cheries Corolle 13" dolls.

Here is a new generation of best friend dolls that one can't help but love - because they're called "the Cheries." These are not babies to play "house" or fashion dolls to play like "young women", the Cheries want to be little girls and best of friends.

Play becomes socialized once children start school and discover friends. The doll is no longer a baby to which the child identifies. She has more refined and her appearance is closer to a little girl than a baby. She provides your child with the best possible pressure valve for her social problems at school. That is why it's so important for the doll to permit all possible dialogue, and should not have a pre-established speech mechanism.

Doll sold separately.

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August 31, 2015

Gearing up for school and finding just the right backpack and all the coolest stuff to fill your pencil case, makes this such a fun time of year! Let's get ready for a whole school year’s worth of possibilities. Check out our favourite finds to help bring FUN back to school! …


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