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9 Years

Seven ate nine? Not if we can help it! Nine-year-olds will love playing and learning with incredible toys and activities that will amuse them for hours. Watch them grow and discover with toys, games, crafts and more.


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Ages 5 and up

By Moira Butterfield

A how-to activity and information book that captures the current zeitgeist for reconnecting young children with the natural world, and specifically the environment around them, in their gardens, parks, at school etc. The Nature Explorer's Handbook is aimed at giving children hands-on involvement with the natural world so that they learn to understand and respect the creatures around them. Also includes fun facts, record breakers, and loads of fun information, as well as a spotter's guide to the creatures they see in the countryside around them.

Enclosed spiral bound book containing 48 pages.

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Ages 8 and up

By Becky Baines

You've just been shrunken down to miniature size and sent to roam the backyard! What happens next is up to YOU! Filled with excitement and hilarity, this compositional challenge lets you tell your very own story starring...YOU! Combining National Geographic Kids' photography and illustrations in colourful laugh-out-loud pages, this engaging, entertaining, and educational book introduces you to animals and people from your backyard, and invites you to enter a new world imaginatively by combining your story with theirs.

Softcover containing 48 pages.

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March 26, 2015

Whether you're enjoying the great outdoors, collecting cuddly plush bunnies, or flying colourful kites we've got all the toys and books you need to celebrate spring …


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