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9 Years

Seven ate nine? Not if we can help it! Nine-year-olds will love playing and learning with incredible toys and activities that will amuse them for hours. Watch them grow and discover with toys, games, crafts and more.


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Ages 6 and up

Children will start playing Chess in minutes! Endorsed by America's leading educators and used successfully in schools nationwide, Quick Chess is the easiest way to learn the game of Kings! Beginners play with pawns only, moving one square at a time. Other pieces are introduced as play levels increase. Skills develop quickly and kids love the moves. Players will quickly jump to higher levels, and as they advance, eventually using the 64-square traditional chess mat, included. There's a play level for all ages! Advance as you acquire skills, and learn special moves such as castling, promotions, and the mysterious en passant. You'll be a chess pro in no time with this instructional game!

Includes splash-proof junior board, traditional 64-square mat, 32 piece full chess set, easy-to-follow instructions, quick-reference diagrams, and 10 levels of play.

Recipient of the Dr. Toy Best Vacation Children's Products Award, among others!

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Ages 4 and up

Skillfully remove the leaves without waking the bees! This is a game of action and skill as you try to remove the leaves from the honey bee tree without letting any bees fall into your tray. If you pull out the wrong leaf or your hand starts to shake, … oops! Out pops a bee, or maybe even 3 (or more!). When all of the bees have left the Honey Pot, the player who has the fewest bees in their Flower Tray wins!

Includes: 1 Honey Pot, 1 Old Oak Tree, 32 Leaves, and 30 Bees.

For 2 - 4 players.

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Ages 3 and up

It's a fun and clean version of the classic Egg and Spoon race game! Balance the egg on your spoon and race to the finish line. Don't drop your egg or it will crack! Included are 4 different coloured spoons and eggs shells, and 4 beanbag 'yolks' to put inside the shells. If the shell drops, the play yolk will fall out - much easier to clean up than a real broken egg! A great game for parties and family gatherings.

Intended for 2-4 players, but get more players involved by making it a relay race!

Each spoon measures approximately 7.5" long.

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3 Search Results
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