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Active, Outdoor, Sports

Just because they're kids doesn't mean they don't need exercise. And making it fun and exciting is the name of the game when it comes to enjoying it. These toys and games will get them moving in ways that will benefit them (daily activity is great for their growing bodies and minds) and you (they'll be nice and tired by bedtime!).


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Ages 3 and up

Kids will love the bouncy fun of The Jump Smart Trampoline and you'll love that it doubles as a learning toy! This electronic mini trampoline features 5 great games: bounce counting, silly sounds, musical statues, animal sounds and memory matches. Kids will have a blast as they jump along with these fun learning games and silly songs!

Requires 3 AA batteries (NOT INCLUDED).

Measures approximately 42" long x 36" wide x 40" high. Maximum weight capacity is 80 lbs.

Our Customers Love the JumpSmart Trampoline!

"My kids (that son and my 4 year old daughter) LOVE that thing. Instead of sitting on the couch when the T.V. is on, they jump! They use it also when they are just playing and it is always a big hit when other kids come over. A great product, we've gotten great value from it. Cheers." - Angie C.

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Free PlasmaCar Sticker Set with PlasmaCar
Ages 3 and up

Let’s do the twist! Can you say renewable energy? Kids power these colourful, maneuverable little vehicles with just enthusiasm and their own two hands!


  • Easy to operate: just turn the steering wheel back and forth to generate momentum!
  • Physics made fun: learn about inertia, centrifugal force, gravity and friction
  • Innovative, award-winning mechanical design promotes active play
  • Safe on pavement (Not recommended for laminate or hardwood.)
  • Clean caster wheels roll safely on smooth, flat, dry surfaces
  • Durable plastic construction carries up to 100kg (220lbs)
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2 Search Results
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