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Arts, Crafts and Creative Expression

Creativity unbound! There is nothing more pure than what children create themselves... the power of thought without limits. Our collection of creative toys provides a canvas, a stage, a song, and anything else you can imagine to help bring childhood creations to life.


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Ages 5 and up

Depicting a Princess about to kiss a frog and turn him into her Prince Charming, this adorable jewellery box is the perfect place to keep all of your precious gems and accessories. Follow the numbered legend and use the provided shimmering jewel stickers and foam tiles to decorate the jewellery box! Features 3 sliding drawers and an opening door compartment, this jewellery box provides plenty of storage space. Also includes a story book that tells the tale of the Princess and her frog Prince.


  • 1 jewellery box
  • Over 750 sparkling tiles and jewel sticker pieces!
  • 1 story book

Measures approximately 10" long x 5.5" wide x 7" tall.

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FREE Ornament With $20 Orb Factory Purchase
Ages 4 and up

Make 4 pretty princess tiaras to wear and share! Each tiara features a different design, so you have lots of accessorizing options when dressing up for tea parties or royal balls. This simple mosaic-by-number kit comes with everything you need to customize 4 colourful crowns that are as fun to tile as they are to wear!

Sticky Mosaics use a fun and simple system: each colour of sticky foam or jewel tile has a number associated with it. Simply place each self-adhesive tile on the corresponding number on the pre-printed designs to create your colourful work of art!

Includes: 4 tiaras, 4 jumbo jewels, and 900 self-adhesive mosaic pieces.

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2 Search Results
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