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When only the “best” will do, this collection of best selling toys has something for children of all ages! Whether you're looking for cool construction toys or lovable dolls, these customer favourites are sure to please!


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Ages 8 and up

Riding the wings of the award-winning Robotic Arm Trainer, has made robotic arm technology more affordable without compromising quality. With Robotic Arm Edge, command the gripper to open and close, control 120 degree wrist motion, an extensive elbow range of 300 degrees, base rotation of 270 degrees, base motion of 180 degrees, vertical reach of 15 inches, horizontal reach of 12.6 inches, and lifting capacity of 100g. WOW!

Some of the added features include a search light design on the gripper and a safety gear audible indicator included on all 5 gear boxes to prevent any potential injury or gear breakage during operation. How does this equate to fun? Total command and visual manipulation using the 5s: 5 switch wired controller, 5 motors, and 5 joints. Extended life on the gearbox prolongs your control and lets you test your predictions about the robot's behavior, and the light makes even night time play possible!

You will need: long nose pliers, diagonal cutter, and screwdrivers (not included).

Measures approximately 9" long x 6.3" wide x 15" high.

Requires 4 D batteries (NOT INCLUDED).

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Our Price:   $399.99
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Ages 10 and up

LEGO® MINDSTORMS EV3 has arrived! Combining the versatility of the LEGO® building system with the most advanced technology we have ever developed, unleash the creative powers of the new LEGO® MINDSTORMS EV3 set to create and command robots that walk, talk, think and do anything you can imagine. Follow the step-by-step 3D building instructions to create TRACK3R, R3PTAR, SPIK3R, EV3RSTORM and GRIPP3R and bring them to life with an easy, intuitive and icon-based programming interface. Grab the enclosed remote control and take on challenging ready-made missions or download the free app and command your robot using your smart device. Want to share your own creations and be inspired by others? Logon to to access loads of cool content and interact with a huge online community of other LEGO® MINDSTORMS fans. The LEGO® MINDSTORMS EV3 robot revolution has begun!

Includes 3 interactive servo motors, remote control, improved and redesigned colour sensor, redesigned touch sensor, infrared sensor and 550+ LEGO® Technic elements.

  • At the heart of the product is the Intelligent EV3 Brick with powerful ARM9 processor, USB port for WiFi and Internet connectivity, Micro SD card reader, back-lit buttons and 4 motor ports
  • Control your robot via the infrared sensor system
  • Intuitive software (PC and Mac) with icon-based drag-and-drop programming interface
  • Control and command your robot with the enclosed remote control or download the free app for your smart device
  • Includes 550+ LEGO® Technic elements – everything you need to create amazing robots!
  • Building instructions for 5 robots included. Download bonus building instructions developed by real fans and endorsed by LEGO® at
  • Take on challenging ready-made missions!
  • Share your creations with a huge online community at
  • Check out the cool black, red and white design
  • If you can think it, LEGO® MINDSTORMS EV3 lets you create it!

SPIK3R (including legs) measures approximately 14” long x 15” wide x 16” tall.

EV3RSTORM measures approximately 7” long x 8” wide x 16” tall.

R3PTAR measures approximately 31” long x 3” wide x 13” tall.

GRIPP3R measures approximately 9” long x 7” wide x 11” tall.

TRACK3R measures approximately 10” long x 8” wide x 3” tall.

Requires 6 AA and 2 AAA batteries. (NOT INCLUDED)

Contains 601 pieces.

LEGO® and the LEGO® logo are trademarks of the ©2013 LEGO® Group.

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Ages 8 and up

Turn your backyard into an adventure park with this 100 foot Slackers Night Riderz Zipline Kit with LED Seat! Zipline kits are one of the most exciting items that you can put in your backyard and can help improve strength, athletic skills, and balance all while riding just a few feet off the ground. Let the backyard ziplining adventures begin!



  • 30 LED Lighted Seat
  • 4 LED Lighted Trolley
  • 4 Blinking Rope Lights
  • Strong & durable steel trolley and hardware.
  • Easy to follow instructions for easy ride and gradual stop.
  • Rope and seat remove easily for added enjoyment
  • Thorough installation and safety instructions.
  • Durable steel trolley–fully assembled!
  • 250lbs Max

Requires 3AA batteries (“Try Me” batteries included).

For ages 8 and up with adult supervision.

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Ages 10 and up
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Our Price:   $69.99
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Ages 3 and up

Learning money and basic math skills comes to life with this talking, interactive cash register. Students will have fun practicing coin identification, addition, subtraction and place value as they play four featured games that increase in difficulty as players advance their math skill levels. Also great for pretend play exercises and learning basic calculator skills. Ring up the fun! The real value is learning! Comes with Canadian money.

Features include:

  • Transactions are rewarded with lights, sounds & voice messages
  • Built-in games teach Coin Identification, Addition, Subtraction and Place-Value
  • Coin reader identifies real and included plastic play coins
  • Checkout scanner with sound
  • Real working scale
  • Large LCD screen shows real-life transactions with big, easy-to-read numbers
  • Check coin total
  • The automatic shutoff saves on batteries and reminds students to "Come and play again!"

Measures approximately 11" long by 7" high.

Requires 3 C batteries (NOT INCLUDED).

Winner of 14 awards of excellence, including the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio SNAP Special Needs Adapted Products Award (2003-04), and the Dr. Toy Top 10 Best Toys for 2003.

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Ages 5 and up

Play, learn, draw, write and create with the Boogie Board Jot! The ultra-light LCD surface reacts to pressure, is engineered to feel just like writing with pen on paper , and erases with a touch of a button - just like magic! Boogie Boards are great for the whole family. Use them for games like tic-tac-toe when traveling, grocery and to-do lists, small children learning to write, and as a reusable doodle-pad – the possibilities are endless!

Some features of the Jot include:

  • Kickstand slot
  • Scratch-resistant plastic LCD screen
  • Replaceable battery
  • Built-in magnets for mounting on fridge or other metal surfaces
  • Is 50% brighter than the original Boogie Board

Includes 1 Boogie Board Jot, 1 stylus, and a user guide.

Measures approximately 9” long x 6” tall x 0.17” wide.

Requires 1 3V watch battery (INCLUDED).

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Our Price:   $79.99
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Ages 10 and up

Unique two-piece design houses all the electronics, mechanicals and LED lighting systems in a sturdy structure. Even the rotor blades are protected! The LED's are enclosed in the rotor guards so NEON looks like nothing else available - the lights are very, very bright allowing you to easily see NEON day or night!


  • The 2.4Ghz radio lets you fly without the fear of losing signal
  • No set channels, so you can fly multiple quads with your friends at the same time
  • Integrated LED light system for night flying
  • Unique clam shell design protects electronic assemblies
  • Low battery warning system to protect battery
  • Adjustable flight modes
  • Auto flip function

Includes helicopter, remote control, USB charging cable, and instructions.

Measures approximately 5.7” in diameter x 1.18” tall.

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Our Price:   $109.99
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Ages 10 and up

Take the LiteHawk Quattro Snap drone out on your next adventure. It is sized right for indoor or outdoor excursions and a built-in video camera lets you capture it all!

Features adjustable performance levels so that flights can be tailored to individual pilot’s skills with a touch of a button. Coupled with digital 3- axis stabilization technology you can quickly build your skills starting with gentle turns and hovers and move all the way up to dramatic aerial stunts. Learning system includes removable rotor guards and “high lift” landing gear.

Fly with confidence because Snap's unique clam-shell design protects internal electronics and motors while a low battery warning system protects your on-board LiPo battery.

The Snap is equipped with built-in fully digital stabilization and uses 2.4 Ghz radio control technology which allows pilots to fly without fear of losing signal or frequency channel conflicts. The advanced direction identifying LED lights can be used to navigate even at night.

Capture in flight Video and Photos with a touch of a button. Files are captured with 16 bit audio in 640 x 480 resolution and are stored in uncompressed .AVI format.

Includes a 512MB Micro SD Card, USB reader, rechargeable battery and charger. Factory Assembled & Ready for Adventure!

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Our Price:   $119.99
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Ages 6 and up

With 2 glow-in-the-dark dual loops, 4 dual glow-in-the-dark corners, over 36 feet of glow-in-the-dark track, and 2 remote control Tracer Racers, racing in the light (and the dark) will never be the same. Set up your own customized racing circuit and compete head-to-head like never before. Tracer Racers use Light Trail Technology to blaze streaks of light on Skullduggery-patented glow-in-the-dark track. Each Tracer Racer beams purple light rays from its undercarriage onto the track specially engineered to emit a glow long after the racer has passed.

Includes over 36ft. of glow-in-the-dark track, 2 wireless, rechargeable vehicles, and 2 controllers.

Requires 8 AA Batteries (4 per controller) (NOT INCLUDED).

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9 Search Results
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