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Ages 3 and up

Corolle Paul Drink and Wet 14" Baby Doll

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Paul is a soft and cuddly baby doll that can suck his thumb, drink from his bottle and go to the bathroom! If you squeeze his tummy, he actually pees! He comes with a bottle for you to fill with water, a disposable diaper, a blue potty and blue pacifier. He has gorgeous baby blue eyes that open and close in different positions. He has a soft vinyl body for you to cuddle and hold. Paul is safe to use in the bath tub, too!

Corolle dolls are set apart from all others by their sweet, expressive faces, quality materials and construction, creative fashions and a soft, subtle scent of vanilla. Created to appeal to a child's heart and to inspire endless hours of fulfilling fantasy play. The Corolle name on this products your assurance of superb craftsmanship and the highest standards of French design.

Clothing is machine washable gentle cycle.

Measures approximately 14" tall.

Recommended by Teri Crane, the author of "Potty Train Your Child in Just One Day."

Manufacturer #: CB14 J5867
Mastermind #:  62747
Package Dimensions: 13.5" x 8.25" x 16"

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