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Dress-Up, Pretend and Make Believe

All the world's a stage... literally. Our selection of comfortable and durable make believe gear, and creative pretend and play items will bring out the star in every child!
Dress-up clothes are more then just a Halloween prop; they are an afternoon of fun all year long. And to help out an afternoon of playing pretend we have great props, from police helmets, explorers gear, and (perfect for the parents) cleaning toys! You'll find everything you need for make believe fun here.


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Ages 3 and up

Be a pretend policeman with this police helmet. It is white with black and white checkered print around the base of the helmet. It also comes with a green visor that shields the eyes of the policemen. It even comes with a chin strap to secure the helmet on tight.

Measures approximately 9" long.

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Ages 3 and up

"Stop in the name of the law and maintain peaceful order." Serve and protect your playroom while wearing a very official looking cotton twill, kid sized police hat! The dark blue material and the shiny black brim are complemented by a silver coloured, iridescent badge on the front that reads: "SPECIAL POLICE". The perfect accessory for your police officer or security guard costume, as well as a great addition to your dress-up wardrobe!

Features: fabric lining, secret pocket with fortune, and Velcro size adjuster.

Includes 1 dress-up police hat.

Made to fit most children age 3-12, fits 21.75" (55-56 cm) heads (approximately).

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Our Price:   $49.99
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Ages 4 and up

Stop in th name of the law! This 1 piece outfit has it all! Your child will feel like a real cop from head to toe with this cool outfit!

Details include:

  • Cap with badge
  • Shirt/Pants with official looking patches
  • Duty belt with radio, baton, and hand cuffs
  • Whistle
  • ID wallet

Children's size 4-6.

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3 Search Results
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