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  • Age: 9 Years
  • Brand: Rokenbok

Electronic Toys

Take to the skies! Tear up the track! Have a book read to you or learn something new with the coolest electronic toys from brands like LeapFrog, VTech, Kid Galaxy and more!


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Ages 6 and up

This fully functional 100+ piece warehouse, with crates for sorted ROK balls, is an ideal storage center for your expanding, interactive Rokenbok world. And the Forklift makes the place hum! It may be a toy forklift, but it’s a real workhorse, designed to move large amounts of cargo with speed and precision. Maneuver in tight spaces using your ROK Star Controller (not included). Operate the forks while driving. Pick up pallets. Place crates. Lift bin boxes. Stack beams. Then, reach the highest pallet rack in your warehouse while the pivoting lift mechanism keeps your load balanced. Check out the automatic trailer hitch, customizable snap-on forks, horn, and back-up warning too!

What has 2 microprocessors, multiple gear trains, 3 motors, and safety clutches? The Rokenbok Forklift, of course! Rokenbok remote control machines are tough, real working equipment. They are built for rough play, crashes, and spills. This is not an ordinary toy forklift, but a precise and very rugged ROK Star controlled robot. ROK Star machines are smart too. They won’t interfere with each other so that you can add as many ROK Star machines and controllers as you want to your Rokenbok world.

Requires ROK Star Controller (NOT INCLUDED).

Forklift measures approximately 6" long x 3.5" wide x 4.5" high.

Requires 3 AA batteries (NOT INCLUDED).

List Price:  $89.95
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June 2, 2014

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