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  • Age: 6 Years
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Fashion and Accessories

We love our totally trendy collections of jewellery, keepsake boxes, diaries. journals and funky accessories. They are carefully selected to ensure that we have designs that are stylish and affordable and that kids can buy themselves. Come see our constantly updated selection.


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Ages 3 and up

Safely deliver your droids, LEGO and more on all of your Jedi adventures with this amazing Millenium Falcon messenger bag!

6 perfectly designed pockets store your LEGO minifigures and there is enough room for about 500 LEGO bricks!

This soft, fabric Millenium Falcon is more than a dual-strapped over the shoulder or hand held bag! When you've landed at your destination, unzip the bag to transform it into 2 LEGO Star Wars themed play areas The floor is printed to look like LEGO baseplates, there is the interior of the ship and printed on images of LEGO Han Solo, Chewbacca and R2D2.

A dream gift for collectors of LEGO Star Wars sets and Star Wars fans all over the galaxy!

LEGO pieces not included.

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1 Search Result
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September 12, 2014

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