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Just because they're stuck inside, doesn't mean your kids need to be stuck without something fun to do. Make the most of those days with our amazing selection of puzzles that are perfect for keeping the bad-weather-blahs at bay! Starting with 4 piece puzzles for toddlers all the way up to challenging 1500 piece puzzles, find the perfect puzzle for everyone.


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Ages 8 and up

Logiq Tower is a brainteaser extraordinaire. With more than 22,000 possible solutions, you’ll rarely arrive at the same one twice. The object is to build perfect cylinders around a central column using a combination of 15 unique inner and outer pieces. It’s challenging and very addictive. As you carefully interlock one piece with another, the stroke of genius is but one move away. With 4 different levels, Logiq Tower appeals to children, teens and adults.

Different number of inner and outer elements (ranging from 6 up to all 15 elements), if stacked correctly can form full cylindrical structures in different height levels. Taking this into account this toy is suitable for varying age groups, both children and adults. However time needed to solve each level will vary from person to person and it’s not necessarily proportional with tower height.

Measures approximately 4.7" tall.

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Ages 6 and up

This challenging 600-piece puzzle is a new way to learn the countries of the world quicker and more enjoyably than ever before! What makes this puzzle unique is that the pieces are actually shaped like individual countries. By working with each piece until you are able to fit it within the bordering countries, you are able to make a mental connection that stays with you!

600 puzzle pieces include:

  • All 193 countries and their capitals
  • All 50 states of the USA and their capitals
  • All 13 territories and provinces of Canada and their capitals
  • Lots of other important geographical information contained within the oceans' borders

Each piece measures approximately 1" long. Completed puzzle measures approximately 36" long x 18" high.

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Ages 4 and up

Spuzzle is a fun and easy game where you must be the first to finish your 5 puzzles projects. Complete your puzzles before Spuz steals your pieces!

Includes 4 sets of 20 puzzle pieces, 1 game board, 28 Spuzzle cards, and instructions.

Winner or the 2011 Creative Child Magazine Preferred Choice award, the 2011 Seal of Approval, the 2011 Creative Child Magazine Seal of Excellence, and the Tillywig Toy Awards Best Family Fun Award.

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3 Search Results
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