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Our Customers Love Us - but don't take Our Word For it...

We are really proud to say that our customers love us! But don't take our word for it, have a read through some of our email. Have a comment? Let our team know how you feel.

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A Hug from Fred H.

this is to say thank you for the friendly service and fast responce i received from the employes at your etobicoke store on dundas west. the trampoline i purchsed from this store for my grand son had the mat part rip and they replaced it free of thanks again and you have gained a long time shopper

A Hug from Angie F.

Just a note to thank you for your excellent service and speed-lightening fast and efficient shipping. I will certainly order from your company again :)

A Hug from John C.

I just wanted to commend you folks for running such an excellent operation. Various people in my family have ordered things from you in the course of the last year - The customer service is always excellent, the shipping times (even via the cheap option) are extraordinarily prompt, and the products are as-advertised.

This most recent order of mine I was doing online, but wound up having to call in to get some clarification, as I was using two separate gift cards plus my mastercard to cover the balance. The rep I talked to you on the phone knew exactly how to take care of things for me, and I was left really happy with the experience.

A Hug from Heidi.

I just wanted to take a moment to email regarding the service I recently received when dealing with your company. Not usually an online shopper, I has a particularly "difficult to find" item and needed to help Santa provide it for Christmas morning. I fortunately came across your store and saw that you actually carried it in Canada.lucky me!! Out of stock?..omg!

I called your company number and actually spoke to a human being! She was so helpful and managed to find the item for me and make all the arrangements I needed; even calling me back to confirm that I had all I needed as I had been mentioning some other items as well. I have rarely found this type of customer service in today's retail environment. I will definitely deal with your company again.

I cannot remember the persons name but I've included my order number and perhaps you can track her down and provide the recognition that she deservesJ

A Hug from Stephanie L.

I recently had some EXCELLENT customer service from Janine Streiter. She chatted with me online, and via email, about the sold-out Razor scooter I was looking for. She let me know when the next shipment would be in and was friendly, professional and speedy-quick. I will definitely be using your site to order toys again! Thanks so much!

A Hug from Patricia F.

Thank you for your help! This my first time ordering with Mastermind Toys. I am impressed! I will be a good customer from now on as I have five grandchildren and another on the way.

A Hug from Eric M.

I would like to thank the good folks at Mastermind toys for coming through and delivering an item personally to our home on Sunday December 19, exactly a week before Christmas. You have really made a big difference to Giselle Marie's Christmas. I am a new customer of mastermind toys and after getting this exceptional service, you can be sure I will remain a very loyal customer for many years to come.

A Hug from Rosemary L.

Thank you so much Binh - I have placed my order and chosen Express Shipping - so hopefully all will be received before Christmas. I have enjoyed my shopping experience with MasterMind and the customer service agents were the BEST!!!!!

A Hug from Jennie W.

Thank you so much for doing that research for me. Really appreciate it and just reinforces in my mind why I am such a supporter of mastermind!
Great people, great products and excellent service. Have a wonderful holiday!

A Hug from Leesa.

Thank you again for your extra efforts - I so appreciate them. Anyway, thank you again and wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a happy 2011. I will continue to shop at Mastermind and will tell the story of how you all made it happen there for me despite the odds!

A Hug from Lisa F.

on January 4th 2011

I just spent 3 hours on your website !! terrific site, packed full of great ideas ...I love the online catalog with the videos and images...really wonderful site !! I'm coming down to toronto this week to visit one of your locations and purchase all kinds of things from my list that I created from your site !! Kudos to the design team ! really really great.

A Hug from Lisa.

on December 29th 2010

Hello, I purchased two orders from Mastermind toys over Christmas, and we are very pleased with your company. Your website is very easy to navigate, selection was impressive, shipping was very reasonably priced, and having the items arrive tagged and wrapped was a real bonus!

A Hug from Sheila O.

on December 4th 2010

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that I appreciate the quality of toys you carry so that I am happy with my orders when they arrive and I can be sure that you will support me if I have any problems with them (as I have experienced, but without any negative feelings). Your customer service is also a pleasure to deal with. I have just completed another order and look forward to receiving it.

A Hug from Sonya P.

on December 4th 2010

Great...this was the quickest help I've received with online chat (and phone chat and face to face) I'll be sure to mention it to my friends

A Hug from Anon.

on December 4th 2010

Just have to say that your online customer service is phenomenal! I was having an issue with my shopping and one of your associates, Janine, was a huge help. (Especially considering the reason why I was having problems was because a product had been discontinued.) She was incredibly helpful and polite and I thought I... would share that. :) Thank you and Happy Holidays!

A Hug from Anick J.

on December 4th 2010

Here in Inuvik, we rely heavily on online shopping and all the moms (and some dads!) in our community are very aware of Mastermind Toys and of how great the company is to deal with. I have shared my story of awesome customer service with my supervisor at work and we've just created a busines account as a result. I work as a Speech Language Pathology Assistant in the Rehab. Dept. at the hospital and we are always looking for appropriate games, books and activities to promote learning and creativity in the children we work with. I've been looking through all the products and am happily adding items to our wish list! We hope to put in our first order during your next "free shipping" promotion!

A Hug from Lisa S.

on December 4th 2010

Thank you so much for your prompt attention and help. You provided excellent customer service and should be commended. Please pass this email on to your supervisor for the recognition you deserve.

A Hug from Michelle.

on December 4th 2010

You have surpasses my expectations and hopes as a consumer. I am a very hard to please consumer, who has been quite frustrated by experiencing deteriorating customer service over the past several years. Thank you for restoring hope for a brighter future!

A Hug from June B.

on September 16th 2010

Thank you very much. I am extremely impressed by your customer service and will certainly remember this and tell my friends

A Hug from Pat N.

on September 15th 2010

Again, thank you. Mastermind Toys is one of the most reliable stores I have dealt with, and the staff should be commended for their work

A Hug from Becky A.

on June 21st 2010

Just a note to say I received my order in excellent condition, and I might add in record time. Amazing! You are excellent company to deal with

A Hug from Bibi W.

on May 26th 2010

I just want to say thank you for your help. I didn't think I would find these products since they were not all listed on the website. I received my package in the mail today, just like you said I would. I am really impressed with the speedy and consice service. Once again, thank you for helping me get these "hard to find" products.

A Hug from Karen D.

on May 26th 2010

I just wanted to say thank you very much for the excellent customer service and the quick shipment of the product I ordered. My daughter was thrilled to recieve her pink scooter on her birthday! We will be telling our friends about your store!

A Hug from Jen S.

on May 21st 2010

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for the wonderful service we experienced with shopping on your website this week!

My son has been desperate for a Razor Scooter Pro for the past two months - ever since his regular scooter broke after one too many trick jumps.

We couldn't find one anywhere (had tried our local Mastermind a few times) - but noticed they were in stock on your website on Saturday night. So, Sunday morning we ordered it and decided to splurge for the $10 Priority Post shipping. (Which I thought was a very fair price for that level of service.)

Monday I received an email confirming the scooter had been sent -- and when we got home from work tonight - it was here!

Needless to say, my son is absolutely thrilled - and you made his day.

Thanks so much for a flawless experience.

A Hug from Marj W.

on April 6th 2010

I recently had the privilege to talk with Janine in customer service. I wanted to tell you that I felt as though she went above and beyond what she needed to do to help solve my problem. She was kind, polite, and respectful. I had a delightful experience with her even though the my problem had a not so good solution. I have left this experience feeling looked after and important. I feel as though she treated me as though I were one of her friends or even family. She is an excellent employee that you should keep around. I wanted you to know how great she was cause in this day and age we often take the time out to talk about how things went wrong and how someone didn't help me. We too often take time out to complain and we don't take enough time out to talk about the positive experience we had and appreciate the help we receive from other people. Janine was terrific even though I didn't get the ideal outcome I did get the ideal service. If I were to own a company I would be very proud to have a person like Janine working in it. I would like for Janine to receive a copy of this email so she knows how appreciated she is and so that on a bad day she can look back at this and know she is a terrific person. Thanks so much for the wonderful experience I had with your customer service and Janine especially.

A Hug from Angela R.

on March 11th 2010

I just wanted to say thank you for the order I placed for Christmas in 2009. Your company is excellent to deal with. I highly recommend you to all my friends and relatives. The items were received on time and gift wrapped as I requested plus you even sent me a free gift as a thank you. I own a business myself and I usually send a gift to thank my customers. It means a lot. It seems we only have time to contact companies when something goes wrong. I wanted to express my sincere thank you for being such a great company to order from.

A Hug from David A

on March 4th 2010

I would like to thank you for the wonderful customer service I received when placing the order below. I needed some clarification on your delivery services and was not only efficiently informed on the most cost effective delivery, but Jeannine/Genine, (I did not ask for the spelling of her name)your service representative was very polite and knowledgeable.
I would not hesitate to use or recommend your company in the future.
Thank you again.

A Hug from Anne Marie

on January 25th 2010

Just a quick note to thank you for your courteous and prompt responce to my inquiry. My son received his yoyo on his birthday!! He was thrilled to go to the mail box and find a box containing a gift wrapped parcel and was elated when he opened it and found his blue yoyo. This was the icing on the cake so to speak as he then told me that this was his best birthday EVER.
Thanks again.

A Hug from April.

on January 22nd 2010

Love this site!! Ordering is easy and the customer service is amazing:) I placed my order through the live chat,and Binh was most helpful:) I will most definatly be a returning customer!

Want to view testimonials from previous years? Use the links below:

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