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Ages 5 and up

Ideal Sno Sculpture Tool Kit

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The Sno Sculpture Kit includes unique snow tools that help you build, sculpt and decorate snow sculptures over 3 feet tall! Use the 2 included large, easy-to-use, forms to build up a shape, then use your sculpting tool to shape it; when it is just right, add the final touch to your snow sculpture with a Sno-Paint Sno-Crayon.

The included instructions are weatherproof so you can take them with you outside. The creative instruction guide includes instructions for building a penguin, robot, polar bear, castle, bunny, and dinosaur! Use your imagination and build anything you choose. Your snow creations will be the talk of the neighbourhood with this complete kit!

Ships in randomly selected, assorted colours, according to availability.

Includes: Sno-Brick Maker, Sno-Cylinder, Sno-Sculpting Tool and Sno-Crayon.

Manufacturer #: 0C8328
Mastermind #:  123551
Package Dimensions: 14.75" x 5" x 10.5"

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