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Ages 8 and up

Ionix Tenkai Knights 2 in 1 Dimensional Dropship Portal

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This Tenkai Knights set changes from the Dimensional Portal into the Dimensional Dropship!

When called upon to battle against Vilius’ Corrupted army - there’s really only one way to get there. Instantaneous teleportation through a Dimensional Portal! Build the Portal and activate the Tenkai power inside. Use the shapeshifting power brick that contains a real working dimensional transport beam to bring the Tenkai Knights from earth to Quarton for their next epic battle!

Once in Quarton, the Portal can also shapeshift into the powerful flying aircraft manned by the Tenkai Knights. Take the fight into your own hands by rebuilding the Dimensional Portal into the Dimensional Dropship to launch an aerial attack. Load the undercarriage with two shapeshifting action bricks featuring powerful triple barrel missile launchers. When the battle heats up, crank up the speed and activate the real working blue thruster energy beam from the power brick!

IONIX is a system made of building bricks that are designed to change shape to become mini figures, action figures, gear, gadgets and more! IONIX bricks are fully compatible with other popular brick construction sets. Tenkai Titan bricks are bigger, badder and give you more Tenkai energy than ever before!


  • 1 Shapeshifting Power Brick
  • 2 Shapeshifting Equipment Bricks
  • 2 Shapeshifting Action Bricks
  • 1 Exclusive Guardian Boreas Shapeshifting Mini Figure
  • 188 Additional Pieces
  • Instruction Guide
  • Requires 3 LR41 batteries ("Try Me" batteries included).

    Contains 195 pieces

    Manufacturer #: 6020294
    Mastermind #:  130584
    Package Dimensions: 12" x 2.56" x 10"

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    February 17, 2017.

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