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  • Age: 1 Year
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K'S Kids

K's Kids is a series of toys specially developed for babies and toddlers. K's Kids use the best and the safest materials to produce toys that are adorable, educational and fun to play with. Babies and toddlers alike will delight in these award winning toys that engage them right from day one. K's Kids toys make a great gift that is sure to please.


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Ages 0.5 and up

Boss, the award-winning dinosaur, is waiting for your baby to give him a big hug! Boss has approximately 60 balls contained within him, just zip him open and plop your baby in - they'll be instant friends, for sure. There's hours of fun and games to be had with Boss, and what's more is that they aren't just games!

Grasping, reaching for, and manipulating objects is one of the challenges every baby must conquer as they learn more about the world around them. Ball play helps with these motor skills, and Boss' textures, colours and patterns - as well as crinkle, jingle and mirror features - stimulate baby's developing senses. And of course, he's also just a great, cuddly friend!

Measures approximately 47" long x 23" wide x 15" high.

Winner of the 2007 iParenting Media Award.

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September 12, 2014

The kiddies are settled into their school routines, pumpkin flavoured everything is back, and next thing you know - all of the Birthday party and play date invitations start rolling in. To help you get ready for all your classmate and family get-togethers coming up, I'd love to share some toys that are new, hot, and oh SO cool! …


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