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Playmobil toys give a child the world in the palm of their hand. For more than 25 years, Playmobil has been inspiring children to create their own adventures and let their imaginations soar! The cornerstone of Playmobil is the 2 3/4 inch figure. The figure has legs that bend, arms that move, and hands that grasp. It is perfectly sized for the hand of a child and the pleasant facial expression makes it ideal for any play situation. Unique themes that stimulate imagination and creativity have earned Playmobil numerous awards. But what's the real magic behind Playmobil? Since all Playmobil figures are compatible with Playmobil play worlds, accessories and vehicles, it's not unusual to see a knight helping with chores on the farm or a police officer exploring the ocean in a submarine. Now that's imagination!


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Ages 8 and up

Wow! A working spy camera that lets you catch all the action! The Playmobil Spying Camera Set features a wireless camera, high-resolution viewing screen, USB port and a handy, angled stand. When the Playmobil Robo-Gangster Truck is upgraded with the Playmobil RC Module (both sold separately), you can pop this camera inside to transform the truck into a mobile spy camera unit!

You can also use this camera stationary to keep an eye on your Playmobil Secret Agent Headquarters (sold separately) or to spy on rival agents! An awesome addition to your Playmobil Top Agents collection!

Includes: wireless camera, high-resolution display screen, stand and USB connector cable.

Screen measures approximately 2" wide x 1.5" high.

Requires 2 AA batteries and 4 AAA batteries (NOT INCLUDED).

Winner of the 2010 Toy Innovation Award and the Top 10 Spielzeug of 2010.

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August 12, 2014

It’s that time of year again! Gearing up for school and finding just the right backpack and all the coolest stuff to fill my pencil box was such a fun time for me growing up. A brand new note book full of blank pages always felt like a fresh start, and brought to mind a whole school year’s worth of possibilities. This year we’re sharing our favourite finds to help bring FUN back to school…


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