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Cuddling just got cuter! A zoo full of huggable animals to love, hug and cherish. We carry the most cuddly and well crafted plush that are sure to endure all the wild times any child will have with their new best friend!


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Ages 0.5 and up

CrocoBloco is a sweet plush crocodile whose length is up to you! Attach all 4 blocks to make him long, or just the head and tail piece to have a baby Croco! The 4 detachable blocks between CrocoBloco's head and tail offer multiple learning activities, designed to stimulate babies early development. Babies will love exploring all of Crocobloco's fun features, like finding the crinkly butterfly inside his mouth, popping the baby crocodile in and out of his pocket or pulling the flower to watch CrocoBloco's tail vibrate! And of course little ones won't be able to resist this cuddly croc as a pillow or a snuggle pal! Toy is packaged in a reusable, zippered carry case for ease of storage. Learning has never been so comfy!

Some of CrocoBlocos fun features include:

  • Contrasting colours, patterns and textures to stimulate baby's senses
  • Numbers and letters
  • Pull-and-vibrate tail
  • Crinkle features on plush activity blocks
  • Squeakers
  • Transparent, spinning rattle with colourful fish
  • Mirror
  • Baby plush crocodile on string in pocket
  • …And many more exciting features to aid in baby's development!

Measures approximately 45" long. Each block measures approximately 5" long x 5" wide x 5" high.

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