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CODE THE ROAD WITH TAGAMOTO! From the makers of the wildly popular Hexbug Microrobots, comes TAGAMOTO, the latest in high-tech micro car action! Build your track and add the special bar code stickers to the layout... these cool micro cars READ the codes and REACT! Stop at a stop sign, pull in for a pit-stop, flip on the lights, squeal the tires... you CODE THE ACTION!


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Ages 4 and up

CODE THE ROAD! From the creators of HEXBUG micro robotic creatures, Tagamoto motorized vehicles read and react to codes you place on the road, with sounds, movement and lights.

You're in control of when your Tagamoto car turns, revs the engine, lights up and so much more! How is this possible without a remote control? You use cool code and sensor technology! This set is a great introduction to the exciting world of Tagamoto!

Tagamoto cars have 3 great ways to play!

  • Off Road: Press and hold "On" and your Tagamoto car will drive on most smooth surfaces!
  • Roads and Codes: Vehicles follow roads and react to codes!
  • Free Roll: The front wheels snap down for battery-free, non-motorized free-wheeling fun anytime!

Includes 1 collectible lights and sounds vehicle that reacts to codes on the road, more than 10 bar-codes, and over 20 easy-to-connect pieces, including – 1 straight, 4 curves, cul-de-sac, three-way tee base, 4 street lights, overhead road sign, 3 road cones or barrels, 3 street signs and a flip-down diverter.

Each set features either one functioning stop sign or one functioning toll booth accessory. Two collectible road sets are available.

Tagamoto motorized vehicles read and react to codes with lights, sounds and movement, making each driving experience different. Tagamoto gives kids the power to essentially engineer their own play environment, control where their vehicles go, and most importantly, how they interact within that environment – stopping at stop signs or toll booths, revving engines, drag racing, or pulling into a parking lot at the end of the day.

Vehicle requires 2 AG13/LR44 button cell batteries (INCLUDED).

Each sold separately. Ships in randomly selected, assorted styles according to availability.

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