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  • Age: 8 Years
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Ages 3 and up

Recreate the fearsome prehistoric world with the Mini Dinosaurs from Schliech! This set of 8 includes a great variety of mini dinos; from carnivores like T-Rex, to herbivores like Stegosaurus, and even a flying Quetzalcoatlus - the scene is set, but the story is up to you!

Create your animal world with Schleich Wild Life figures. Schleich is known for beautiful art work and detail on their non-toxic, hand painted figures.

Each figure measures approximately 2"-3" long.

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Ages 5 and up

The Easy Flyer is designed for the kite enthusiast who wants zero percent frustration and one hundred percent fun! With simple assembly, and no-hassle flying, this beauty is the easiest kite to fly!


  • Wind Range: 5-18mph
  • Fabric: Polyester
  • Frame: Fibreglass
  • Line: 300’ of 30# test line and winder

Measures approximately 90” long x 46” wide.

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2 Search Results
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April 6, 2016

Need help keeping your kids active, entertained and engaged this summer? Mastermind Toys has the summer scoop on the latest and greatest in toys for the funnest (and sunniest) season of the year…


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