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  • Age: 8 Years
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What's New at Mastermind Toys

This just in: brand new toys! We’re always adding exciting new toys and books to our mix, so check back often to see the latest and greatest from the world of toys!


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Ages 5 and up

By Leonie Pratt and Emily Bone

A pack of 50 wipe-clean cards with fun activities to make time fly on a journey. Includes mind-bending puzzles, mazes, doodles and crosswords, word searches, spot the difference puzzles, and dozens of other activities to play alone or with another person.

Includes 50 wipe-clean cards and a special pen.

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Ages 5 and up

Designed by an aerospace engineer, the Aero Force Glider features precision wing design and technological components that make it glide farther! Memory foam wings, a soft EVA foam tip, and a carbon graphite shaft make the Aero Force Glider super light. Become airborn by using the launcher or simply throw it into the wind. The lightness combined with the easy-to-use stick and band launcher makes the glider soar into the air with unbelievable flight times. The Glider comes fully assembled and requires no batteries, making it reusable and ready to fly right out of the package!

Each sold separately. Ships in randomly selected, assorted colours according to availability.

Measures approximately 11.5" long and 9" wingspan.

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Buy 1 Klutz Book, Get 1 at 50% Off
Ages 8 and up

By The Editors of Klutz

Make your own mini air force! Young aviators follow the step-by-step instructions to fold custom-designed paper patterns and attach the results to a straw fuselage. Once the jet is mounted on a special launch straw, it only takes a concentrated breath to send it soaring. Create five different jet models, including the mysterious X-88 to the aptly-named Spitfire, and learn about the principles of aerodynamics! The sky's the limit with this brilliant innovation in paper aerodynamics.

Includes step-by-step folding instructions, 50 cut-out plane bodies, 4 standard straws, 10 jumbo straws, 10 custom rubber nose weights, and a plane body plastic stencil.

Softcover containing 60 pages.

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Ages 6 and up

Skim the waves with the 3-in-1 Sea Plane! This cool aircraft features an orange, black and white color scheme, large propeller, engine detailing, navigation lights, tinted windshield and large pontoons for landing on water. Spin the propeller and apply the power. Thunder over the ocean surface and soar into the sky to perform cool aerial maneuvers and ocean landings. When you’re done flying, rebuild the Sea Plane into a powerful swamp boat or a super-fast catamaran. 3-in-1 model: rebuilds into a super-fast catamaran or a cool swamp boat.

Includes a large propeller, engine detailing, navigation lights, tinted windshield and big pontoons.

Sea Plane measures over 1” high, 3” long and 3” wide.

Swamp boat measures over 1” high, 3” long and 1” wide.

Catamaran measures over 3” high, 3” long and 1” wide.

Contains 53 pieces.

LEGO® and the LEGO® logo are trademarks of the ©2015 LEGO® Group.

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4 Search Results
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February 19, 2015

Beat the winter "blahs" with this collection of toys that will make your playroom feel like a circus! Learn a magic trick, balance like a tightrope walker, dazzle with your yo-yo skills, juggle with devil sticks or a diabolo! Play time under the big top is …


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