Thames & Kosmos Wall-Walking Geckobot 7-in-1 Experiment Kit

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Ages 8+
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This astonishing wall-climbing robot has a motorized air suction system that enables it to walk vertically up and down perfectly smooth surfaces, like glass and plastic. The battery powered motor drives an innovative gear system that produces a rotating motion, making the legs move back and forth and up and down, mimicking a real gecko. At the same time, the gear system drives an air pump that sucks air inward at the two feet touching the wall while blowing air outward at the other two feet. When the geckobot�s tongue hits an object in front of it, it triggers the model to walk backwards. While the model walks, its head and tail move from side to side. You can build six other models and conduct experiments with suction to learn about air pressure and mechanical physics. Build models of an industrial robotic arm with vacuum suction cup grippers, a car with suction cup wheels, an octopus with suction cup arms, a crawling insect, a window cleaning robot, and a vacuum holder device.

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Thames & Kosmos Wall-Walking Geckobot 7-in-1 Experiment Kit
Thames and Kosmos
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14.6 x 3.1 x 11.5
2 x AAA (Sold separately)
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