Hatchimals Colleggtible 2 Pack Assorted

$ 7.99
Ages 5+
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Which crazy-cute critters are hiding inside these sweet speckled eggs? The suspense is crazy! The eggs won't hatch without help: kids need to rub the purple heart on each one until it turns pink. Then it's hatching time -- gently crack open the shell to reveal one of 70 different collectible creatures.

You can tell from the speckles what special family your Hatchimal belongs to, but not which specific one is inside. Maybe it'll even be a limited edition or an ultra-rare! Collect and trade them to build your own Hatchimal herd -- even display them on their eggshell bases.

NOTE: We want lots of kids to get a crack at these popular little guys -- until further notice, we are setting a purchase limit of 15 units.

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Hatchimals Colleggtible 2 Pack Assorted
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7 x 5 x 2
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