The Grossery Gang Series 5 Surprise 2 Pack

$ 3.99
Ages 5+
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The Grossery Gang are back and ready for the Grossest battle of all time! Gather Grosseries from different time periods and help them defeat The Rotbots from the future!

  • There are 2 Grosseries hiding inside the Grossery Gang "Flush 'n' Fizz" Toilet
  • Use the funnel included and pour water into the toilet cistern and watch it fizz and flush out of the bowl!
  • Each toilet has 2 Grosseries and 2 weapons to flush out plus a Rotten Receipt Collector's Guide!
  • Look out for the Limited Edition Fossil Grosseries! Or will you find the Ultra Rare Rotbot Grosseries?
  • There are 150 characters to collect over Series 5!

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The Grossery Gang Series 5 Surprise 2 Pack
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3.35 x 2.76 x 2.17
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