Carcassonne Game

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Carcassonne is a simple, clever tile-laying game that brings new challenges with every turn! The players develop the area around the city of Carcassonne by placing land tiles. Each turn the area becomes larger as the players expand roads, fields, cities and more. The players can deploy their followers as thieves, farmers, knights, and monks to control and score points for the roads, farms and cities. As the players only have a few followers, the wise player will plan his moves carefully and deploy followers when and where they can earn the most points!

Includes the Mini Expansions: The River, and The Abbot!

Includes: 72 Land tiles, 40 followers, 1 scoreboard, 1 rule book, 12 River tiles and 5 Abbots

This game is best for 2 players, but also works with up to 5 people.

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Carcassonne Game
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