BeeBoo Starter Wand

$ 15.99
Ages 3+
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This is a smaller version of the beeboo® Big Bubble Pro Wand. The Starter Wand was designed specifically to make creating BIG bubbles easy and fun. The Starter Wand is constructed of two 24-inch wooden handles and a length of super absorbent cotton wick material. The two-handle design allows you to hold the bubble wand high up in the air so your big bubbles travel a very long way. The Starter Wand is also perfect for windy days. Just hold both tips of the bubble wand together high up in the air and let the breeze blow between the lengths of super absorbent cotton wick material. You'll create lots of smaller bubbles without even trying. The breeze does all the work!

It is highly recommend using Beeboo Big Bubble Mix (sold separately)with your Starter Wand. This is the exact formula used to set a World Record for World's Largest Free Floating Soap Bubble.

Winner of the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2008.

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BeeBoo Starter Wand
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25 x 3 x 1
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