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Stock up on these best-selling stocking stuffers

Small and mighty gifts

Holiday cheer is near–and there's no one better to help us pick this season’s “it” items than our very own toy experts and  the owner
and founder of a trendy loot bag & party favour company who shops with us often. Our Curation Experts are happy to team up with Elizabeth Kriarakis from Loots of Luv to reveal our top 5 stocking stuffers for toddlers, tweens, and everyone in between!


A stocking stuffer that's spot on

Great for the cottage, grandma's house, or anytime you're on the go, this compact game is easy to pack up in your purse or pocket. The best thing about Spot It games is you can play in different ways with different ages for endless fun for everyone. We're featuring a classic version that's perfect for the whole family, but keep an eye out for themed Spot It games for fans of Paw Patrol, Harry Potter, NHL, and others for a personalized touch!

Spot It Classic

This quick card game brings speed, observation & focus skills into play through simple pattern recognition.

Great game for the whole family since symbols are used on the cards, no reading is required to play . This makes it easy for all ages to join in, including grandparents who may speak a different language.

Age 6+

“Small games that are easy to carry when you're on the go are always a great stocking stuffer for ANY age group, especially pre-teens and teens.”
- Elizabeth Kriarakis

Squeeze in some smiles

Fun eyeglasses. Cute headbands. Bright hats. These sweet Dumplings sure know how to foster self expression as kids dress 'em up with unique accessories to bring out their unique personalities. Plus, when you squish their cheeks, the face lights up, right along with your child.

My Squishy Little Dumplings

In addition to lighting up and making the cutest sounds, they love to be tickled, tossed, and of course, squished! And it’s a great gift for tweens too!

Each sold separately
Age 5+

“Cute and cuddly, these are always a hit with kids big and small. Dressing them up in
adorable accessories is also a great way to bring out fun creativity for imaginary play!”
- Elizabeth Kriarakis

A gift that POPS... literally

Learn to count? Check! Improve motor skills? Check! Stay focused & relaxed? Triple check! These colourful tactile toys can work wonders when stimulating kids’ senses and skills. Whether kids are popping this fidget toy solo to self-soothe or playing a game with others to see who’ll pop the last bubble, this simple top-trending toy will definitely pop out from the rest!

Go Pop Colorio

It’s like the never-ending bubble wrap, only more colourful, durable, and well, more lovable!


This toy helps soothe fidgety hands any time, anywhere by encouraging kids (or grown-ups) to press the bubbles & pop into relaxation-mode.

It's a POP-ular item with tweens & young teens too!

Age 3+


“I love a versatile toy that can be used in more ways than one. The Go Pop Colorio can be a fantastic fidget toy for one person or a simple logic game for 2 or 3 players. Plus, it’s great for a wide range of ages including older kids!”
- Elizabeth Kriarakis

Nature lovers with a tech twist

There's something about this colourful creepy crawly that gets kids all revved up. Don't forget to buy more than one so kids can see which one will win the race. Look for your kids' favourite colour!

HEXBUG Nano Flash Single Pack

Nature lovers will love this micro creature that races at record speed. It's powered by vibration technology and features a LED light to illuminate any surface it scatters across.

For added fun, buy more than one for epic races!

Assorted colours available.
Age 3+

“Since I’m always looking for small and mighty items, I start by asking, what does the child love and are there a variety of themed items that can be assembled. In this case, you can go by a colour scheme, a nature theme, gadgets that light up, and so on.”
- Elizabeth Kriarakis

Doll up your stocking stuffers

Mini L.O.L. dolls are sure to create lots of L.O.L. moments with your movie stars at heart as they reveal a secret message for a movie script with a special eye lens. These are a must-have for any movie buff.

L.O.L. Surprise Movie Magic Dolls


Your little stars at home will LOVE unboxing 10 surprises, including movie props, film scenes, cue cards, 3D glasses and more!

Perfectly portable when you're on the go.

 Age 4+

“It’s true, great things come in small packages! These top-trending must-haves are not just a perfect size for a stocking stuffer, but they’re also travel-size so kids can take the fun wherever they go.”
- Elizabeth Kriarakis

How do you make stocking stuffers extra special?

When it comes to expert advice on finding those perfect little gifts, we asked the loot-bag guru for her best advice on how to make stocking stuffers exciting & meaningful. Here’s what she had to say…

“There are so many amazing options for stocking stuffers, but I find that having a theme picked out can help make the experience more fun and easy. For example, a theme could be animals, dinosaurs, dolls, or whatever your child is interested in. Themed books or holiday books are also a great addition for all ages.”
- Elizabeth Kriarakis

Elizabeth Kriarakis, Owner and Founder of Loots of Luv

Loots of Luv creatively assembles the perfect loot-bags, party favours and other fun gifts. We curate gifts according to occasion,
theme, age and budgets in order to create the ultimate party favour. We always aim to select the best classic or novelty items
that your guests ideally will love.


Homemade holiday ideas

“I love the idea of homemade gifts too. Some small gift ideas for stocking stuffers can be:
- Melting leftover odds-and-ends crayons into silicon molds (add sparkles for that extra holiday magic)
- A mason jar that holds a hot cocoa blend or cookie mix
- Homemade mason jar snow globes”
- Elizabeth Kriarakis

Written by Cathy Barbarossa, Senior Copywriter and Editor with contributions by Elizabeth Kriarakis, Gift curator for all occasions


Cathy Barbarossa
Cathy Barbarossa

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