Fidget toys – Scratch that brain itch

They’re the hot items in the schoolyard, classroom and even the office. Irresistible little gadgets and goos designed as “self-regulating” activities to help with attention and concentration. Whether it’s a stress-reliving putty or a toy for fingers to futz with, fidget toys provide an entertaining outlet for many busy brains.

Spinbladez Light-Up Fidget Spinner

Hmm: what could make a fidget spinner more fascinating than that smooth, satisfying twirl? How about multi-coloured LED lights? BOOM. These super-bright spinners light up for up to three minutes of spin time. Each one even comes with a spin pin so kids can join multiple SpinBladez together!

Ages 4+

Metal Fidget Spinners

Candy colours are great. But sometimes you just need to show your metal side. These fidget spinners really stand out, with cool shapes, blade textures and iridescent metallic finishes. All the addictive appeal of a fidget spinner, with a shiny, almost hypnotic twist.

Ages 6+

Fidget Cubes – six-sided satisfaction

It’s a devilishly addictive die launched into the stratosphere by Kickstarter. Each face offers a different sensory reward, from soothing worry-stone bumps to clicky switches, smooth-rolling balls and more.

Ages 5+

Thumb Chucks –skill-building repetition

These conjoined super-balls offer a workout for brains and fingers alike. It takes time and practice to truly master the spinning, bouncing, twirling motion but even the simplest tricks feel great to practice.

Ages 5+

Tangles – not actually a knot

The smooth spinning pieces of these wavy loops move in an uncanny and addictive way. Some offer textured sections that feel great to touch – others are all about the rolling, almost-but-not-quite squishing sensation of manipulation.

Ages 5+

Squishables – the silent partners

Squeeze, twist, knead, mould and stretch: these pliable putties and soft yet resilient balls offer stimulating colours, smooth textures and stress-relieving exercise for fidgety fingers.

Ages 5+