Build Your Own Jet Engine

A terrific gift for science-savvy kids: they’ll construct and explore the inner workings of a two-spool turbofan engine. Transparent components show the “red-hot” core and a sound chip simulates the sound, too!

$79.99 Ages 10+

Snap Circuits® 3D M.E.G. Kit

“M.E.G.” here stands for magnets, electronics and gears. Kids learn essential STEM skills as they snap together 160+ projects using LEDs, fibre optics, switches, 3-D rotating snaps and more.

$99.99 Ages 8+

Bounty Hunter Junior Target I.D. Metal Detector

Young explorers can discover treasure with this adjustable, kid-sized device that works just like the grownup version. Target only desired metals, see how deep items are buried and more!

$119.99 Ages 6+

Inspire 70AZ Refractor Telescope

Amazing value for amateur astronomers: this portable yet powerful scope will open up the wonders of the night sky with excellent optics and features. Connect a smartphone to take astonishing photos!

$299.99 Ages 8+

Rock Tumbler – Pro Series

Nurture a young rockhound with this deluxe machine: polish rough stones into glittering gems! Powerful, robust and designed to reduce noise, it’sthe best you can get for your junior geologist.

$149.99 Ages 8+

Hydraulic Robotic Arm Building Kit

This gift can help science-minded kids get a grip…and lift and twist! Building and experimenting with this impressive tool is a great way to learn about robotics, simple machines and fluid dynamics.

$59.99 Ages 8+

Solar Robot 14-in-1 Kit

This kit packs a lot of science into a small box. Kids can configure components to build 14 different ‘bots, each with its own moves – and no batteries required!

$39.99 Ages 10+

Thames & Kosmos® Kids First Science Laboratory Set

Budding scientists will adore having a for-real lab set! This durable, child-sized system of funnels, tubes, connectors and tools includes a manual for parents looking to give kids a strong STEM foundation.

$69.99 Ages 3+

ScienceWiz Kit: Inventions

Feed your kid’s inner Edison with hands-on projects that really work, including a radio, telegraph, generator and more! Clear, step-by-step instructions make it easy.

$24.99 Ages 8+

Cra-Z Slimy Creations Deluxe Set

Appeal to kids’ love of goo and guck with this fun science kit! They can mix up a variety of colours, textures and scents, then decorate their slime with silly googly eyes.

$34.99 Ages 8+

Aftershock! Earthquake Lab

This exciting science activity appeals to kids’ desire to build and destroy! Budding engineers construct all kinds of buildings – then subject them to different magnitude quakes with the motorized base.

$49.99 Ages 8+

LED Star Infinity Mirror

Now this is a brilliant gift idea: brighten up your child’s room with a stellar optical illusion that seems to go on forever.

$49.99 Ages 6+

Light-up Newton's Cradle Spectrum

Sure, it demonstrates Newton’s third law of motion – but it also looks really cool! Translucent LED balls change colour as energy transfers force to swing the balls on either end.

$19.99 Ages 8+

First Science Encyclopedia

Curious kids will pick up this book again and again. Packed with fascinating facts and amazing illustrations that explore the natural world, it’s an essential offline resource.

$21.99 Ages 7+

Pinball Science

Get schooled in the physics of pinball! This interactive book includes all the pieces to build a working machine and explains the roles of gravity, force and acceleration in the game.

$32.95 Ages 7+