Unplug and unwind with jigsaw puzzles for all skill levels, from simple solo challenges to epic family builds.

For more than 130 years, Ravensburger has been perfecting the screen-free, indoor activity the whole family can enjoy!

Exceptional quality you can see and feel in every extra-thick, glare-free piece.

Perfect-fit pieces mean satisfaction and certainty: you’ll never wonder if you’ve got it right.

Choose from dazzling photographs, intricate artwork and favourite characters: a puzzle for every age and skill level.

Ages 3 - 5

Ravensburger Fantasy Friends
3 x 49 Piece Puzzle

This gift is a triple treat: not one, but THREE vibrant jigsaw puzzles featuring captivating characters and pieces sized perfectly for little fingers.

$16.99 | Ages 5+

Ravensburger Construction
60 Piece Puzzle

Channel kids’ enthusiasm for trucks, diggers and bulldozers into this skill-building jigsaw puzzle – they’ll be bursting with pride when they put that last piece in place!

$16.99 | Ages 5+

Ages 6 - 8

Ravensburger Dinosaurs 100 XXL Piece Puzzle

Thrill young dino-superfans with this detailed jigsaw puzzle: they’ll build a scene featuring 10 fascinating species! There’s even a fact-packed leaflet included.

$17.99 | Ages 6+

Ravensburger Friendly Felines 200 Piece Puzzle

EVERY day can be Caturday when kids are building this adorable jigsaw puzzle, featuring sweet and silly feline faces – a cat video without the screen!

$17.99 | Ages 8+

Ages 9+

Ravensburger Disney Villainous Ursula 1000 Piece Puzzle

This magnificent puzzle is an homage to the most fabulous of the Disney baddies: Ursula the Sea Witch! Little Mermaid fans will adore this gorgeous gallery challenge.

$24.99 | Ages 14+

Ravensburger Mischief Makers 300 Piece Puzzle

Fact: puppies make everything better, including puzzles. This adorable jigsaw depicts seven sweet doggoes and features oversize pieces for easy handling.

$21.99 | Ages 11+


Ravensburger Roll Your Puzzle Storage Mat

This must-have puzzling accessory is perfect for puzzlers! Use this sturdy mat as a work surface for puzzles of 300 to 1500 pieces. Safely store the puzzle-in-progress by rolling the mat around the tube and pop the rest of the pieces inside!

$24.99 | Ages 8+

Owl Toys puzzles

We adore this brand’s inspired blending of education and imagination.

Quality materials & construction.

Vivid & charming illustrations.

Satisfying, skill-building designs.

Owl Toys Astronaut 4-in-1 Evolutionary Puzzle

Perfect for boosting young puzzlers’ confidence AND building skills! This charming collection includes four fun jigsaws of 6, 9, 12 and 16 pieces, each with a fun space theme. Kids will get a real sense of accomplishment as they complete each puzzle challenge.

$14.99 | Ages 3+

Marvel at large-scale models designed to challenge dedicated puzzlers and to thrill pop-culture fans.

Large and life-like:
these models are ambitious in size, scope and satisfaction.

Serious cool factor:
these pop-culture touchstones are designed and detailed for serious fans.

Made in Canada: designed, drawn, tested and manufactured in Montreal from sturdy, polyethylene foam.

Wrebbit Harry Potter™ Hogwarts Great Hall 3D Puzzle

Why wait for an invitation by owl-post? Potter fans can build their very own School of Witchcraft and Wizardry – this magnificent model makes wonderful room décor and stands nearly 50cm tall!

$59.99 | Ages 14+

Kids’ introduction to jigsaw puzzling couldn’t be more fun: from tummies or on hands and knees, they’ll scramble to place these big, chunky pieces to see the whole, vivid picture – and feel SO proud!

Big pieces:
perfectly-sized for little hands to manipulate.

Vibrant hues
and textures teach colour- and shape-matching.

HUGE kid-appeal: whimsical themes and characters motivate kids to build.

Crocodile Creek Day at the Zoo 48 Piece Puzzle

Preschoolers will go wild for this crazy-colourful jigsaw puzzle depicting all the amazing things to do at the zoo!

$24.99 | Ages 4+

We love this brand’s puzzles for their educational merit, vibrant artwork and quality construction.

T.S. Shure® Busy Builders 24 Piece Jumbo Floor Puzzle

Know a kid who’s a HUGE fan of construction vehicles? This jumbo floor puzzle measures three feet by two feet and is packed with exciting building-site detail.

$14.99 | Ages 3+

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