We think every gift has the potential to shape a kid’s life: to inspire, guide and excite them. Whether they’re into science, tech, music, art or EVERYTHING, our handpicked, top-quality toys, games, gear and books will spark curiosity and passion.

Our picks for ages 0 — 3


Only at Mastermind Toys

This top-quality brand brilliantly marries education and imagination in engrossing baby toys, art supplies and music activities.

Little fingers love Kirumy Baby Toys

“Soft” is the theme: soothing, muted colours and touchable textures make these absolutely ideal gifts to welcome little ones to the world.

Start at $16.99 | Newborn+

Burger Dough Set

Order up! Kids can roll, mold and stack their own signature burgers and sammies using colourful dough and pint-sized accessories.

$19.99 | Ages 3+

2-in-1 Telephone & Piano

Ring-ring-ring-ring-ring-ring-ring-ring: PIANOPHONE! This versatile toy offers so many sensory delights, with rewarding sounds, lights and buttons.

$29.99 | Ages 1+

Our picks for ages 3 — 6

Raise a roboticist with Build A Bot!

Start them early on STEM-centred fun: these clever kits let kids build, customize and play with an adorable unicorn or dino-slash-dragon! Mix and match components of multiple kits to create new species, too!

Starting at $29.99 | Ages 4+

Delightful Douglas plush

No kid can resist the soft, squishy allure of these fab, fanciful, and even fantastical stuffies. These guys definitely think outside the toy-box.

Starting at $9.99 | newborn+

Our picks for ages 6 — 8

Super-fans will be clamouring for the exciting Sun & Moon Unified Minds series, with NEW tag-team Pokémon GX! (Real talk: you don’t need to know what any of that means – kids know, and they’ll love it.)

Pokemon TCG Sun & Moon Unified Minds Theme Deck

Launch your trainer’s expansion tag-team dynasty with this cool 60-card pack – includes a foil promo card and coin, too!

$19.99 | Ages 6+

Pokemon TCG Sun & Moon Unified Minds Booster

Fill out kids’ roster of Pokémon teammates: each pack includes 10 cards for new tag-team battle possibilities!

$6.99 | Ages 6+

Splash Speedster Land & Water R/C Stunt Car

Put your R/C newbie in control of this tricky little amphibious vehicle: it spins, sprints and even flips – even puddles are NO problem!

$39.99 | Ages 6+


Only at Mastermind Toys

WOW: kids hand-draw characters, landscapes, obstacles and other elements of a video game – then scan them into a real adventure they can play online!

$39.99 | Ages 6+

Our picks for ages 8+

Blockbuster® Party Game

Stack your team with film buffs and bust out this raucous group game! It’s a shout-it-out, act-it-out, make-it-up good time “for anyone who’s ever seen a movie.”

$29.99 | Ages 12+

Who would enjoy Exploding Kittens?!

Oh, only EVERYONE! This best-selling card game is easy to learn, wacky as all get-out, and incredibly tense: the longer you play, the more likely …BOOM!

$26.99 | Ages 7+

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