Fresh bricks alert: check out this month’s hot new sets!

LEGO® Harry Potter™: Discover Your Hogwarts!

Witch, wizard or Muggle, builder-kids will LOVE these five fantastical new sets – perfect for recreating classic scenes AND imagining all-new magical adventures!

LEGO® Harry Potter™ Beauxbatons' Carriage: Arrival at Hogwarts™

Magnifique! We LOVE air-traffic controller Hagrid and the Madame Maxime and Delacour sisters’ minifigs, too.

$64.99 | Ages 8+

LEGO® Harry Potter™ Expecto Patronum

Kids can fire the Expecto Patronum spell at the Dementor minifigs – includes a new stag Patronus figure, too!

$24.99 | Ages 7+

LEGO® Harry Potter™ The Rise of Voldemort™

The wizarding world changes forever in this graveyard duelling scene: Voldemort™ arises with the pull of a lever!

$24.99 | Ages 7+

LEGO® Harry Potter™ The Knight Bus™

Stick out your wand arm and hail this triple-decker: it opens so kids can play with the sliding beds and swinging chandelier.

$49.99 | Ages 8+

LEGO® Harry Potter™ Hogwarts™ Clock Tower

This impressive set lets fans play out the Goblet of Fire Yule Ball AND Prisoner of Azkaban time-turner mischief!

$119.99 | Ages 9+

LEGO® Disney Princess

Who could refuse an invitation to play with a princess and her pets?

LEGO® Disney Princess Elsa's Magical Ice Palace

Fans can get hyped for the FROZEN sequel with this magnificent set: a glorious castle packed with delightful details!

$99.99 | Ages 6+

When kids join this intrepid ghost-hunting squad, they enter a world of augmented reality – where real bricks meet digital adventure!

LEGO® Hidden Side™ J.B.'s Ghost Lab

Every scientist needs a lab – even if it’s haunted. Kids can build the set and explore its mysteries with the app!

$24.99 | Ages 7+

This best-selling series is all about adventure, excitement, pets and pals.

LEGO® Friends™ Heartlake City Amusement Pier

This full-on fun fair includes a carousel swing, a pirate ghost ship, and more carnival diversions LOADED with teeny goodies!

$149.99 | Ages 8+

Sets for more amusement-park play!

Only at Mastermind Toys

LEGO® Friends™ Funny Octopus Ride

LEGO® Friends™ Underwater Loop

LEGO® Friends™ Rescue Mission Boat

This three-level seagoing vet clinic is tricked out with a speed-boat launcher AND an island with shipwrecked treasure.

$109.99 | Ages 7+

More sets for cool aquatic ops!

LEGO® Friends™ Lighthouse Rescue Center

LEGO® Friends™ Turtles Rescue Mission

LEGO® Friends™ Dolphins Rescue Mission

These amazing new sets take kids far beyond the reach of Earth’s gravity into the distant reaches of space!

LEGO® City Deep Space Rocket and Launch Control

Kids can channel their inner Elons with this super-deluxe mission control and multi-stage rocket.

$139.99 | Ages 7+

LEGO® City Lunar Space Station

With this modular set, kids can configure the kitchen, habitat and lab however they want – even launch the shuttle and satellite!

$79.99 | Ages 6+

LEGO® City Mars Research Shuttle

Set a course for the Red Planet with this NASA-inspired shuttle complete with rover and loads of science-y accessories.

$49.99 | Ages 5+

LEGO® DC Comics Super Heroes

Collect and build amazing vehicles and sets to play out the adventures of iconic DC Comics heroes!

LEGO® DC Comics Super Heroes Mr. Freeze™ Batcycle Battle

This super-cool Batcycle set includes lots of awesome weapons to battle against the King of Cold.

$24.99 | Ages 6+

More advanced builders can break away from conventional bricks with complex sets that use special pieces: gears, pulleys – even motors!

LEGO® Technic Compact Crawler Crane

This two-in-one set can be built as either a tower crane OR a crawler crane that folds into a compact, tracked vehicle.

LEGO® Technic Car Transporter

This super-detailed replica lets kids raise and lower the decks and ramp, peek inside the engines and more.

LEGO® Technic 4 x 4

Young makers can build AND drive this slick, multi-function R/C vehicle using the TECHNIC™ CONTROL+ app!

Kids can build and re-build these versatile 3-in-1 vehicles and sets for hours of imaginative play!

LEGO® Creator™ Fairground Carousel

LEGO® Creator™ Twin-Rotor Helicopter

LEGO® Creator™ Townhouse Pet Shop & Café

Welcome to Apocalypseburg! Kids can re-enact favourite scenes from the brick-buster sequel and imagine all-new adventures, too.

The LEGO® Movie 2™ Good Morning Sparkle Babies!

The LEGO® Movie 2™ Systar Party Crew

The LEGO® Movie 2™ Wyld-Mayhem Star Fighter

Celebrate your preschooler’s natural construction – and demolition – skills with colourful bricks sized right for smaller hands.

LEGO® Duplo Mickey's Vacation House

Little ones will ADORE this holiday-house of mouse: an exciting, double-sided play set overflowing with fun characters.

$59.99 | Ages 2+

These basic brick sets are the raw materials of creativity, with no instruction and no limits!

LEGO® Classic Windows of Creativity

It’s a treasure trove of colourful windows and doors, as well as wheels, hinges and basic bricks: 450 pieces in all!

$39.99 | Ages 4+

LEGO® Ninjago

This popular series has it all: mystical wisdom, wisecracking characters, and awesome martial arts action!

LEGO® Ninjago® Lloyd's Journey

Kids can pit Lloyd and his wolf against the Blizzard Warrior with this mini-fortress set and loads of weapons and accessories!

$19.99 | Ages 6+

This slick series is for kids with the need for speed: vehicles and accessories by Ferrari, Porsche, McLaren and more!

LEGO® Speed Champions 1974 Porsche 911 Turbo 3.0

A great gift for classic sports-car aficionados of all ages: a slick, buildable model featuring that iconic “whale-tail” rear spoiler.

$19.99 | Ages 7+

Bricks meet tech meet prehistory in these thrilling sets featuring incredible vehicles, cool labs, fun characters – and, of course, DINOS.

LEGO® and Minecraft have a lot in common: amazing, open-ended building tools that prove it’s hip to be square!

LEGO® Minecraft The Wool Farm

LEGO® Minecraft The Blaze Bridge

LEGO® Minecraft The Creeper™ Mine