Make us your destination for April birthday parties! We’ve got loads of smart, exciting and inspiring gifts you'll be proud to give – many you won’t find anywhere else. And most importantly, kids are gonna love ‘em.

Our picks for ages 3-6

Siku: build the ultimate heirloom car collection

Loaded with engrossing details and working features, these die-cast, scale-model vehicles are made to last for generations.

Siku vehicles boast amazing working features that add irresistible realism – doors, ramps, tailgates and buckets that really move.

Siku’s astounding selection includes racing and luxury models, heavy machinery, commercial and first responder vehicles – even aircraft.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into playgroup…BABY SHARK!

The cheery preschool bop that’s been remixed, remade and repeated has morphed into adorable musical plush and a cute book!

Our picks for ages 6–8

ORB Slimi Café – the latest thing from Canada's toy titans!

Those totally trendy Soft'n Slo Squishies™ have got a fun, new twist: oddly appetizing treats and reusable, ooze-able toppings!


Mix and match tiers to create squishable treats


Top each creation with slime-like icings and glazes


Peeeel the layers apart and start all over again!

ORB™ Slimi Café™ Squishies

ORB™ Slimi Café™ Toppings

Our picks for ages 8+

GraviTrax: a STEAM-tastic gift for curious kids

Budding engineers can combine 100+ pieces to create cool marble tracks, learn about magnetism and kinetics – and even defy gravity!

Get started

Launch kids on their way with a terrific starter set that includes 18 construction elements and tips for open-ended building.

Expand their creations

If some is good more is better: add inspiring expansion sets and action accessories to the mix for all-new elements of excitement.


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