Summer 2020 is all about Camp Close-to-Home: parents might be the counselors, but WE’RE your program directors!

Merit badge #9 is Imagine that: Campers can mix and match Playmobil characters and props for hours – even generations – of imaginative play! This iconic brand’s quality, variety and detail add depth and realism to kids’ adventures.

Great Scott!! Back to the Future Playmobil is here

You’ll have to move at 88MPH to get this totally awesome DeLorean with working lights and gullwing doors, and 1985-era characters and accessories. AND score 1955-era Marty and Doc figures, too. Make like a tree and get playing!

Scooby-Doo, we found you!

Can we get a ZOINKS?! Fans of the classic cartoons will totally dig these groovy, detailed sets: the Mystery Machine with Fred, Daphne and Velma AND a separate set for that scaredy-cat dog, his pal Shaggy and a g-g-ghost!

Who ya gonna call?!

If some is good, more is better – you can grab sets featuring the original-recipe 1984 Ghostbusters AND the paranormal pros from the recent reboot. Either way: it’s slime time!

Spirit: Riding Free

Fans of the Dreamworks TV animated series – or any kid who loves horses – can play out endless equestrian adventures with these exciting, frontier-themed sets.

Dreamworks Dragons

The Dragon Rider universe is one of the smartest, funniest and most adventure-packed worlds ever! The detailed dragons and figures capture all the personality of the animated versions.

Explore all kinds of Playmobil® worlds

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Totally Techie

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Imagine That