Summer 2020 is all about Camp Close-to-Home: parents might be the counselors, but WE’RE your program directors!

Merit badge #3 is Incredibly Outdoorsy: Equip kids with LOADS of active-play toys, games and gear to build skills AND burn energy!

Rainbow & Pirate Delta Kites

Easy-to-fly, always entertaining and SO summery! Kite-flying offers hours of physical distancing-friendly outdoor fun.

$19.99 each | Ages 4+

If you’re seeking your first kite-flying experience – or it’s been a few years since you last took to the skies – look no further than the delta. It’s a classic for a reason: an easy-to-handle, wind-grabbing shape with a tail that adds drag and looks cool, too!

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Ready, set, fly!

Kite-flying is an exciting outdoor activity that bridges generations and cultures. It’s inexpensive, unplugged family fun – and physical distancing-friendly!

So when and where should you fly your kite?

Most kites fly best in a consistent light to moderate breeze, so check your weather app for wind speeds between eight and 32km per hour.

Choose a wide-open space like a soccer field or park free of trees and power lines. (And never fly your kite in a thunderstorm – the results could be shocking!)

On windier days, kids can launch by themselves, holding up their kites in one hand, standing with their backs to the wind and just letting go!

On calmer days, you can help with launch: walk the kite about 15m from the child holding the spool, keeping the line taut. When your child says “Launch!,” throw the kite straight up while he or she quickly reels in the line. As the kite climbs, let the line back out gradually.

Blast Pad Stomp Rocket

Small-scale SpaceX: kids can launch foam rockets 60+m into the air with just a jump! See who can fire it the highest OR add some style points for the most entertaining run-up to the launcher.

$24.99 | Ages 6+

Faux Bow Pro

Unleash kids’ inner archers: this lightweight fibreglass bow is perfectly sized for kids and fires safe, foam-tipped arrows more than 60m. Create a knock-down target range for accuracy competitions!

$49.99 | Ages 10+

B. Sand and Water Toys

Make all your little one’s dump-and-fill dreams come true! These sturdy, colourful, and dare we say charismatic goodies will provide HOURS of outdoor fun: in the sandbox or pool, or even at the cottage.

Starting at $12.99 | Ages 12m+

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