Summer 2020 is all about Camp Close-to-Home: parents might be the counselors, but WE’RE your program directors!

Merit badge #2 is Totally Techie: Spark kids’ imaginations with action-packed gadgets and cool tech toys!


Challenge kids to build the ULTIMATE habitat for these STEM-tastic, skittery critters! They can race them through mazes, add obstacles and spend HOURS mixing and matching components for maximum micro-bot adventure.

Sets starting at $29.99 | Ages 3+

It’s a literal glow-up: these micro-bots are now twice as fast AND they pulse with a brilliant embedded LED!

Easy, snap-together assembly means it’s simple for kids to build and re-build amazing nano tracks and habitats.

Get creative with cool components like colourful, flexible, jelly walls and even obstacles like merry-go-rounds!

Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit

Feel GREAT about preschoolers’ tablet time: this system combines hands-on play with technology, teaching coding basics and pre-K skills through four fun learning games!

$119.99 | Ages 3+

The Little Genius Starter Kit brings letters and creations alive on-screen with squishy, colourful sticks and rings.

Follow step-by-step instructions to draw your favourite scenes, then watch them come to life on-screen.

Travel the world, run a pizzeria and more: fun games teach coding AND key curriculum skills.

Remote Controlled Snake

Kids will love the realism of this radio-controlled reptile: its tongue even flicks in and out as it slithers along! Create a backyard or indoor obstacle course for a fun, added challenge.

$29.99 | Ages 7+

Available in

Web Attack R/C Tarantula

Freak folks out with this fearsomely furry, eight-inch-long radio-controlled arachnid. It looks and moves like the real thing – and even shoots a retractable web. Hours of creepy-crawly fun!

$39.99 | Ages 6+

Shark Shark R/C

Fill up the tub or kiddie pool for some cool relief from the heat! Kids will work overtime to master the controls and mimic the hypnotic motion of this swimming super-predator.

$39.99 | Ages 12+

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