Summer 2020 is all about Camp Close-to-Home: parents might be the counselors, but WE’RE your program directors!

Merit badge #1 is Water Play: splash-tastic get-wet toys, games and gear for the backyard or pool – guaranteed to keep kids active all summer long.

Need ‘em: Nerf Super Soakers

Build a backyard arsenal for the ultimate in outdoor family fun: blasting each other is both cooling and SUPER-satisfying. (Think of it as hydro-therapy!)

Starting at $7.99 | Ages 6+

WATER you waiting for?! Try these five fun soaker games.

Bubble Burst: Enlist a younger sibling or other helper to blow some bubbles. Kids then use their soakers to try to pop those big bubbles! Who will be the Best Bubble Buster?

Zipline Racers: Punch a hole into the bottom of a plastic cup and thread it onto a long string. Tie the string between trees or deck posts in the backyard. Kids then blast the cup to push it to the end of the string. Race head-to-head or try to beat your fastest time!

Cup Crashers: Stack plastic cups into a pyramid – and blast ‘em down! See who can knock down the most before they run out of water. Variation: play in teams! Each side builds a fortress wall of cups and races to blast down their opponents’ wall first.

Soaker Soccer: Use markers or even laundry baskets as goals on opposite sides of the yard. Teams compete to move a beach ball from centre field into the opposing goal using ONLY their soakers. Keep score, or don’t! NOTE: Players may not touch the ball with hands or feet. If a team sends the ball out of bounds, the other team gets the ball at the sideline.

Mega Meltdown:: Overnight or a few hours ahead of play, freeze a small plastic toy in a cup, bucket or pan. When you're ready to play, pop that ice block out of the container onto the lawn or deck. Position players around the ice block of ice and blast it until they’ve liberated the toy!

BigMouth brings the big fun

Oversize, colourful and wacky: check, check and check! But these crazy pool floaties and backyard sprinklers are also designed to withstand the antics of energetic kids ALL summer long.

Starting at $29.99 | Ages 8+

Inspiring AquaPlay

Prepare for wrinkly fingers: kids will spend hours playing with canal systems created by mixing and matching colourful, durable components and accessories like gates, pumps, wheels and bridges. (Kids will need an adult to help with assembly.)

Sets starting at $99.99 | Ages 3+


Classic and engrossing water play that’s like a toddler’s tub-time – on a grander scale.

Award-winning design

Combine and connect simple, lightweight components to create elaborate water worlds.


As they imagine and experiment, kids learn about buoyancy, mechanics and fluid dynamics.

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Merit Badge 1:
Water Play

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Totally Techie

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Incredibly Outdoorsy

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Base-camp Builder

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Amped for Activities