Launch kids on expeditions in the great outdoors, with exciting games and gear to get them digging, planting, examining, exploring, swinging, climbing and playing. They’ll make memories, build skills and log some quality green-time.

Slackers, Ninjaline and American Ninja Warrior gear

Ninja warriors in training will crush challenging backyard courses made up of slackline balance elements and overhead ninjaline obstacles and accessories. Mix and match elements to amp up the difficulty for hours of outdoor action and adventure!

Slackers Ninjaline™ Intro Kit

Uber-active kids will spend hours mastering the seven adjustable obstacles on this 30-foot backyard training line. Installs in minutes for on-the-go adventure!

$129.99 | Ages 5+

Slackers Ninja Tree Climbers

This system of sturdy straps and holds makes just about any tree climbable – no damaging bolts required. Even use them on tree limbs to hone bouldering skills!

$129.99 | Ages 5+

American Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course Set

Add some extra adrenaline to your next backyard party! Complete in teams or head-to-head and customize your course for all ages and skill levels.

$79.99 | Ages 5+

Slackers Slackline Classic 50ft Teaching Line

Build balance and core strength and burn energy mastering this exciting outdoor tightrope. (Beginners can use the overhead teaching line included.)

$109.99 | Ages 5+

Laser X real-life laser gaming experience

What’s better than a round of laser tag? A round of laser tag AT HOME, where kids know all the best hiding places and can create awesome arenas – indoors or out!

Laser X Real-Life Laser Gaming Experience - Double Pack

Face off in a running, hiding, strategizing battle of wits and weaponry. Includes a pair of blasters and tricked-out vests for real-deal laser-tag fun.

$69.99 | Ages 6+

Laser X Real-Life Laser Gaming Experience - Micro Blasters

Pew-pew! This scaled-down pair of blasters and arm receivers operates at closer range, but is totally compatible with other Laser X sets. A sweet addition to the arsenal.

$49.99 | Ages 6+

Slimeball target games

These hilarious, high-energy games depend on squishy Slimeballs that stick to the desired target. But the aiming and firing are the most fun: throw the balls dodgeball-style, fire them from a slingshot – even charge them up to glow in the dark!

Starting at $19.99 | Ages 5+

Outdoor exploration

Get curious kids geared up for discovery! There’s so much to learn from every outdoor excursion: plants and dirt and bugs and worms and birds to admire and examine – from afar and up close!

Nature Bound exploration toys

These pint-sized tools are designed to help safely capture, observe and release insects and other fascinating fauna. (The no-touch Bug Vacuum is particularly exciting to use and kind to critters.)

Starting at $9.99 | Ages 6+

Navir optical gear

Budding biologists will be thrilled with terrific equipment that allows them to examine live specimens in detail. The Optic Wonder Plus is a magnifier and binoculars in one – a multi-tool any scientist would love!

Starting at $6.99 | Ages 4+

Discover a universe of wonder

Nurture kids’ natural tendency to look to the skies and ponder the mystery and science of the universe. From exploring the night sky to imagining life beyond our own planet, they’ll make discoveries that are well worth rolling back bedtime.

Celestron PowerSeeker 50AZ Telescope

The perfect starter scope for earth AND sky-viewing! Simple, tool-free setup, smooth-tracking controls, and a downloadable database make it ideal for amateur astronomers.

$99.99 | Ages 8+

Get growing – in crafty ways

Inspire your young artist to incorporate the natural world in their creations and investigate the colour, shape and line all around us! When art meets science in such a creative fashion, the results are sure to delight.

Creativity for Kids growing kits

Each of these brilliant projects involves cultivating and nurturing live plants – and having a little patience – to achieve the proud, artful (and sometimes delicious) end result.

Starting at $19.99 | Ages 5+

My Fairy Garden growing kits

These plant-and-play projects let kids create charming homes for fairy friends, complete with real, live gardens! Little green-thumbs will love watching their habitats grow and change.

Starting at $29.99 | Ages 4+

Goodies for garden helpers

Not that kids need an excuse to get a little dirty, but these fun and functional tools, toys, books and accessories will inspire kids to dig in and discover the joys of planting and nurturing beautiful (and maybe even tasty) green things.

Little Moppet Gardening Tools

The right tool for the right job – at the right size! These colourful tools and accessories are perfectly-proportioned for little hands that really want to help with all the down-and-dirty tasks of garden and yard maintenance.

Starting at $3.99 | Ages 4+