We all want Big Things for the kids we love. Many of those things can’t be wrapped. Joy. Laughter. Excitement. Inspiration. But sometimes a great gift can spark all that – and more. Explore our Dream Big guide of handpicked wishes-come-true.

Our pick of the week

iDance Party Ball Karaoke Machine

This Bluetooth-enabled and totally tote-able device even has a built-in disco lightshow! For birthdays, slumber parties, cottage weekends, rainy days – it’s basically an instant party.

$69.99ea Ages 6+

This week’s customers’ choice

Nickelodeon Super Slime Supreme Kit - Only at Mastermind Toys

Sometimes the greatest gifts are…goo. Kids can create loads of cool colour and texture combos with a DIY science kit designed by folks that really know their slime!

$49.99 Ages 6+

Just arrived!

Pencil Nose Game - Only at Mastermind Toys

In this hilarious family game, players take turns trying to draw hands-free – wearing goofy glasses with a dry-erase marker attached.

$34.99 Ages 8+