We've collected some smart, squishy, smelly, sparkly, sporting,
and seasonal ideas for gift-giving at great prices.

Totally techie & incredibly brainy

Genius mode, engage! These thought-provoking toys, games, gadgets and books will challenge even the smartest cookies on your list.

Must-have collectibles

For completist kids that love to play the “need it, need it, got it” game, these covetable gifts and collectors’ guides are gold.

All things squishy

Cater to kids’ love of all things ooey and gooey with this super-sensory selection of DIY kits, stress-relieving accessories and slime guides.

Smelly stuff (In a good way? Maybe.)

Whether literally sweet-smelling (or not-so-much), or just suggestive of, um, odoriferous objects, these crafts, kits, books, games and goodies make perfect gift…scents.

Roll, spin & deal to win

Or lose, or – literally – draw! The fun is in the playing with these entertaining family games that run the gamut from jump-around to sit-and-strategize.

Sparkle & shine

Especially at the holidays, but really any time of year, adding glitter is always a good idea – these sequin-spangled accessories, books and crafts make magical gifts.

Full-out festive fun

Achieve maximum holiday cheer with this holly-jolly collection of terrific toys, books, games, goodies, crafts and collectibles – each one a gold-star gift.