Harry Potter Real Talking Sorting Hat

Every Harry Potter fan alive has wondered: “Which house would I be in?” Learn the answer from the mouth of the Sorting Hat! This powerful, interactive magical object’s “mouth” moves as it speaks authentic dialogue in that commanding tone. Brave yourself as it reveals your Hogwarts destiny: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw?
$49.99 Ages 5+

Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit

The amazing Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit lets even mega-Muggles build their very own motion-sensitive wand and code its “magical” properties using JavaScript. Kids learn essential coding skills through 70+ step-by-step challenges that teach loops, logic and variables. It’s a great introduction to code for beginners and a skill-building exercise for more experienced kids. Then it’s time to make some magic: coding wizards use their wands to swish and flick their way through interactive tablet games! (Tablet not included)
$129.99 Ages 6+

LEGO® Minifigures Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts

Accio magical new Minifigures! Collect 22 new minifigures from the Potterverse: Harry-era and Fantastic Beasts, too!
$3.99ea. Ages 5+

Bricks + broomsticks = Harry Potter perfection. Even Muggles will enjoy these new sets!

Wrebbit Hogwarts Great Hall 3D Puzzle

It just seems like magic. Sturdy foam pieces allow this challenging puzzle to stand tall and proud – perfect décor for any fan.
$59.99 Ages 14+

Ravensburger Harry Potter Pictopia

Divide up into teams – or houses – to play this exciting collaborative picture-trivia game! It’ll test your family’s knowledge of the magical movies, including Fantastic Beasts.
$34.99 Ages 8+

Funko Harry Potter Mystery Minis Series 3

Packed with that famous Funko cuteness, these adorable blind-box collectibles feature all of your favourite Harry Potter characters!
$12.99ea. Ages 7+

Harry Potter Books

Whether you’re launching them on the legendary series or catching them up on the history of the Potter-verse, kids will devour these brilliant books.