Dot your world

Get ready for LEGO® DOTS – a fun new way for kids to express themselves! Cool, quirky and bursting with personality, DOTS is perfect for kids who love craft making and DIY projects.

Watch the colourfully shaped tiles (lovingly called DOTS) come alive as kids decorate and personalize everything from funky themed bracelets to cool home décor. It’s extremely intuitive and playfully expressive. The possibilities are endless!

Our invitation to kids: #DotYourWorld

Creativity on the go

Unicorns! Rainbows! Funky animals! When it comes to DOTS bracelets, there’s a colourful, unique theme for everyone. Just create, customize and wear! The brightly decorated DOTS tiles don't fall off so kids can enjoy (and redesign) their uniquely crafted DIY bracelets anywhere.

With DOTS, there’s no right or wrong, just kids experimenting with and sharing their creativity with the world – again and again!

Create it, use it

Yes, a llama can hold photos. And pineapples make the perfect pencil organizers. DOTS lets kids add their own personal creative touch to all sorts of functional room décor items – turning each surface into a playful canvas for endless creative expression!

When kids play with DOTS, every interaction is an invitation to be bold, add colour to the world and never stop creating!