Why? Value, value, value. Vibrant and affordable OG dolls, fashions and play sets are packed with accessories and fun touches that add loads of detail to kids’ imaginative play. (Take a look below!) AND everything in the OG universe is compatible with all 18” dolls – even American Girl®.

Kick it at the sweeeet OG Beach House

This rad pad is an oasis for kids’ coolest dolls. It’s loaded with beach gear, cool kitchen accessories and fun working elements and sound effects! (Dolls and outfits sold separately. Compatible with other 18” dolls – even American Girl®.)

$199.99 | Ages 5+

Sensory satisfaction

Fanciful star projections and surprising beach and kitchen sounds enhance kids’ adventures.

Inspiring accessories

Amazing, on-theme details help kids dive deep into their imagined worlds.


Intricate, true-to-life interiors add to the realism – down to the smallest details!

Accessories & play sets galore

OG dolls enjoy so many exciting hobbies and activities, indoors and out! Discover cool vehicles, adorable pets and great gear for every adventure – each set bursting with fun touches and features.

OG dolls: diversity & variety

When kids see themselves – and their peers – in their toys, they play in a welcoming world. Meet a whole new crew of fashionable friends.

Fab fashions & accessories

OG dolls have a HUGE variety of exciting outfits for kids to choose from: full outfits include fantastic accessories like shoes, hats, slippers, sports gear – even stuffies!