Together with family or serenely solo, puzzle-making is pretty much the perfect unplugged pastime. Whether you’re buying for a preschooler or a grownup jigsaw juggernaut – we’ve got you covered.

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Ravensburger puzzles

It’s the perfect time to stock up for wintry weekends, cottage evenings and gift-giving.

Over more than 130 years, Ravensburger has built a reputation for unrivalled quality, precision and variety in their puzzles.


Real substance and re-buildability: you can see and feel it in every extra-thick, glare-free puzzle piece.


Perfect-fit pieces mean satisfaction and certainty: you’ll never wonder if you’ve got it right.


Choose from dazzling photographs, intricate artwork and favourite characters: a puzzle for every age and skill level.

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Crocodile Creek, Eeboo, & Wrebbit puzzles

From vibrant floor puzzles for preschoolers, to intricate corner-less jigsaws to mind-bending 3D structures, there’s a challenge for every level of puzzle-builder.